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    Could it be that I hear CSS calling, its faint but I think I hear her. So a few questions: Has anyone who loves CSA also loved CSS? Or are we going to spend our time thinking this isn't CSA , or will we be thinking WOW this is nothing like CSA and now we will have to split our tips everytime. Is 4 or 5 day enough time to really get the feel of CSS before transfering to CSA for 8 days? What to do what to do.

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    We just did the same thing, so I'll be interested to see what others say. We LOVE CSA and CN, but have booked CSS for our next trip. Like you, I heard it "calling" me as well!,
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    I think as long as you plan on transferring to CSA after CSS you'll be fine.I did 2 CSS/CSA splits and even though I enjoyed all CSS had to offer I was happy to get to CSA.
    You may end up really loving CSS but even if you don't I don't think you'll be sorry you tried it. And yes, I think 4 or 5 days are long enough. Were doing a split again in December,this time CTI before CSA and are only staying 3 nights at CTI. From past experience I know after 4 days I'm ready for CSAs beach!

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    Well Red, It probably is CSS calling out to you. We spent a week there last year for our honeymoon(our only trip to a couples resort ) and it's been calling out to us ever since. Got so bad one day, we booked for October this year and will book for October 2013. I understand 2 things about all the resorts. 1. Each is special in it's own way. 2. None are like CSS.
    We have considered going to another couples, but we love it there so much, I'd hate to book elsewhere and have regrets. Not saying that CSS is better, just more our style.

    Gillian and Lloyd

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    We were thinking the same thing. We love CN and fact, going back to CN in 11 days. We've been thinking of trying CSS for next time. We have no desire at all to try CTI (for many reasons) but CSS seems do-able. I'm just wondering about the beach. Since we are huge beach people and love to walk for hours and just play in the ocean and swim...will we be totally disappointed by the beach at CSS? Is it mucky when you try to swim, or too rocky? We've stayed in the Cliffs in Negril before and realized it wasn't the beach type of vacation. Will CSS be the same? More of a "bring more clothes than bathing suits because you won't be swimming so much" type of vacation? We don't really do chlorinated pools, only the ocean. The grounds at CSS look so beautiful and that is the main reason we are considering it. Also, do you feel sort of trapped at that resort since there doesn't seem to be a lot of beach walking? Can you walk into town or do you have to take cabs everywhere you go?

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    Ok, we have been to CSA twice, and CSS 5 times (with day trips to CN and CTI as well). We enjoyed CSA, but have fallen deeply in love with CSS, it's amazing beauty, and it's oh so wonderful staff. Now, I must admit, that we spend all of our days at Sunset Beach, which we consider to be our little paradise, so we can't really offer you many comments on the main beach, other than what we have noticed on our passing by on our way to SSB. On our past trip just 2 weeks ago, we spent a lot of time out in the ocean - the water was crystal clear, and the perfect temperature. Not sure when we will go back to CSA, perhaps someday, but we have booked CSS for our vow renewal the first week of December this year, and have also booked CSS for the second week of April, 2013. This beautiful resort has absolutely captured our hearts!!

    We have a fairly lengthy e-mail about CSS, and comparisons with it and CSA, that we would send to anyone who would like to read it. It is far too lengthy to put on the message board, but it will give you some insight into why we think so highly of this resort. We can also send you some of our pictures if you would like. The e-mail address is

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    We got married at CSA and had been back twice. We decided to do a SR and got CSS. We had lousy weather (obviously no fault of Couples). I enjoyed CSS more than hubby did but he won't go back. We knew what to expect with the beach but we were really missing csa's beach and freedom yo roam seven mile beach. I think we missed that the most. CSS is stunning and we had outstanding service but it was a bit quiet for us. Maybe due to the bad weather. We will stick with CSA from now on but I don't want to discourage anyone from trying another resort, they are all Couples after all.

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