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    Default garden verandah suites CSA

    Just a question on the Garden Verandah Suites at Couples CSA.
    I have stayed at CSA 3 previous times.Twice in a Beachfront verandah Suite and once in a Beach front suite
    I just booked a trip for next year and picked a Garden Verandah to save money. My question is are there 2 types of Garden Verandah's?. Years ago there used to be a section called garden suites. Now they are all called Garden Verandah suites . I think they are located in 2 complete different sections. Is this correct? If so are these rooms the same or are the newer ones a little different. Also has anyone stayed in both this would be helpful. As my memory of the Verandahs, is one block behind the other meaning the gardens are pretty much near the beach as well .(near the Koi Pond) but the older rooms are near the road closer to fitness center and lobby is this correct.

    Thanks for helpful hints.
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