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    Default One year from today.......

    We will be at CSA for trip #5 WHOOOOHOOOO!!!

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    Hi Softail

    We will arrive on 4/13/13 too. Introducing 2 more couples to the Couples family! 6th trip to Couples, 4th to CSA!

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    Happy for you, Softail!! We are also CSA lovers who tried something different and booked CSS tonight - March 2013. It's a leap of faith...but an adventure!
    Did you ever get to Duluth to stock up on Rum Cream?
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Seeya, hope to see you on the bus!
    Jan, we got CSS on a sr and as you have read I'm sure it's gorgeous. You will have fun, it's Couples after all. No I haven't been up to Duluth yet and I talked to a local liquor store and they called the distributer and found out they don't make it any more! I'll just have to wait until next April. Have a great trip.

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    We'll be at CN the next year this time. Trip 3 for us. Can't wait. The early booking is such a great deal.

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    Yay Jim and Sara!! We are booking CSA for May 2013 today!!! Taking along our parents this time! I am sure they will love it as much as we do! Our trip this March was the best one yet!

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    Daybob, the early booking is an awesome deal I agree! I'm concerned about the airfare now, hoping it drops some by the time I start searching, have a great trip.

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    Also took advantage of the early booking deal. 361 days to CSS!
    The deal was so good I booked a Friday to Saturday so we would be there for 2 Starlight Galas!

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    we are due in on 4/11/13 csa trip #3.we are bring 4 other couples with us. we can't wait.

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