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    Default Office of Nature

    I was at CN in 2010, but recently discovered what seems to be an intriguing visit: The Office of Nature. Can someone tell me about it? When I go back to CN, how do I get there? Thanks.

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    Walk to the beach, turn right and start walking to the north. You will walk past the Riu and the beach for Sunset at the Palms. You will see a yellow Office of Nature sign. This is NOT the original OON, but a copycat on the original property of the original OON. Keep walking up the beach, past all the vendors and you will come to a blue-tarp-covered driftwood bar with Office of Nature written on it and a grill to the left. That is THE Office Of Nature. It's almost exactly 1/2 mile from the edge of the CN property, according to my GPS watch. Walk up to the bar, order a lobster, and wait for Gritty to cook up the best grilled lobster you have ever had. They used to ask you if you wanted the $15, $20, or $25 size (we always get the $20 ones, bc its just easy to give em a couple 20's), but when we went last Nov, they were only offering the $20 lobsters. Both the traps in the sea and the holding traps in the water along the beach have orange peel and coconut in them for the lobsters to eat. This makes the meat much sweeter, as the meat stores the citric acid and coconut oil. It's a bit of a wait for the food to be ready, but when you get it, it's well worth the wait. Plan on spending about an hour there. A couple of the locals will come up and BS with you and sometimes hint they would like a tip for hanging out with you. If you have a couple bucks feel free. It's really no big deal and they don't pressure you or anything. Some people actually sit in the water and use the trap as a table to eat off of. This is kind of fun to at least try once, especially, because the salt from the water on your fingers actually pairs well with the grilled lobster! As for beers, we always bring a few Miller Lites and Caribs from the resort in our coozies that we bring, but you can buy beers and other drinks there, if you please. I think the first time, I got a couple Red Stripes for like 2 or 3 bucks each. Here are some pics from last Nov:

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    You just head to the CN beach and if you are facing the water turn right and walk down the beach. You will run into it shortly.

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    Just curious.

    Does anyone ever walk to the OON from CSA? Haven't seen it mentioned, but I am wondering if we should perhaps make an attempt this summer. I have been curious about this for several years and have never seen it brought up on the message board.

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    Definitely go to the real Office of Nature! The second one! Some of the vendors down that way can be kinda pushy. Just be polite, say no thanks and keep on walking if your not interested. Well worth the trip! We walked down probably 4 times during our stay.

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    Thank you so much for the information. I will certainly give that a try.

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    Dirtleg - you could do a Trading Places day with CN and visit OON then.

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    Dirtleg, We've walked from CN to CSA so you surely could do it since CN isn't that far from OON. It would probably take you quite a few hours, especially if you are like us and stop to swim and visit the local bars along the way...but it's worth it. A very enjoyable, relaxing, romantic fun walk.

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    dirtleg - CSA is just under 2.5 miles from CN (I run from CN to CSA and back each day). You would have to walk at least part of it on the road (Hedonism and I think Beaches resorts won't let you cut past their waterfront). It would be about a 6 mile round trip walk. But taxis are cheap.

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