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    My fiance and I will be heading to CSA in early June for our honeymoon. As of right now, we have an atrium suite booked. I keep reading where some people like different rooms. What room does everyone recommend. I keep looking at bfvs or bfs.

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    If you want to be on the sand and can afford it, try the bfs. I haven't stayed in an atrium but many people love them. You are never very far from the beach in any room catagory, that's the beauty of Swept Away. They are all good. Have fun whatever you choose.

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    I love the BFVS. It is amazing to wake up and look out and be able to see the ocean then to be able to sit out and have a breakfast with an awesome view.

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    We love the atrium, the look of the room is what drew us to CSA over the other Couples. Its the Hammock that does it for me, plus the ceiling to floor window/shutters. The BFS look great and are right on the beach but with everyone walking by and the extra price.... But we believe any room at CSA is a great room, most people arent in the room enjoying the room that much anyway.

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    If you want to sit outside your balcony and literally be on the beach then go for one of the beachfront suites. If you want total suclusion then stay in the atrium suites. Personally I have stayed in both BFVS and BFS I preferred the Beach front verandah suites for the simple reason that they are newer and offer a tv. The BFS suite are much larger and have a great huge verandah, but I found the room to be musty . The atruim suites look nice and everyone seems to like them, but I'm not sure if they added tv's to this catergory. I believe they went up in price as well. I guess it all boils down to what you want, and most of the time if you cant see it in person you won't know until you go once. But honestly you will still have an amazing time.

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    At SweptAway, the room categories are all about location relative to the beach. What does your budget support? Take that for what its worth.

    As for us, we have found over the last 15 years that the best suite at SweptAway is....

    the one your room key opens....

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    The Atrium Suites are where we stayed earlier this year and we 98% loved it. No TV but preferred it that way. We stayed in an upper unit and loved the large veranda with hammock. We enjoyed being surrounded by trees and always had our morning coffee on the veranda. The part that we did not love was the fact that from inside our room we could hear EVERYTHING within a 1000 foot radius of the room. This is because there are NO GLASS PANES on the floor to ceiling screened walls on 2 sides of the room - only the wall that faces the interior atrium has glass. So the veranda "wall" and the bedroom "wall" is really only SCREENS covered by interior plantation shutters. The bathroom has regular walls with open air "windows" (no glass only screens/shutters) which is fine for a bathroom but not for a bedroom. Oh and the front door has a "window" with only a screen and shutters. We could HEAR EVERYTHING that was said, and every cart that rolled by on the sidewalks at 6am, within a 1000 foot radius of the room - including the loud arguing from the couple in the suite in the building next door! (yes this happened to us one night ALL NIGHT. I'm not kidding, they argued all....night....long....). So be prepared if you are a light sleeper to bring your ear plugs when you stay in the atrium suite. Other than that it's a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful room to stay in.

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