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    Default Wondering which resort to choose

    Hello there,
    This will be our first visit to Jamaica and I think that Couples is the way to go. Just not sure which resort to choose! Here are some things we are looking for:
    [LIST][*]We're in our late 20's early 30's and love to have a good time. [*]Looking for as much of a "real Jamaica" feel as possible[*]We have a diverse group of people....[*]Would probably prefer the most laid back of the resorts.[*]Would like to be able to take day trips and excursions if possible.[*]Interested in Water sports

    Plus, we LOVE reggae music--do any of the resorts have reggae bands?

    I've been researching CSA and CN, but am open to all four.

    Thanks for your help!


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    What you are looking for is available at all of the Couples Resorts. Aside from saying the obvious like "go to XYZ Couples because we love it". I would recommend that you view as many pictures of the resorts as you can to let the resort speak out to you.

    Each of the Couples Resorts are different in their own unique way. You can't compare one to the other and that is what makes the selection process so hard. Let your heart make your decision.

    If you want lots of pictures to look at drop me an email. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

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    Every resort will have what your looking for to some degree but....

    I would go with CSA.

    It is very laid back and 7 mile beach is just waiting there for you to go out and experience Jamaica. I absolutely love Negril.

    The water is also usually very calm in Negril, which makes it ideal for the water sports. I highly suggest the little cat boats and the water skiing. There is absolutely nothinhg like water skiing on a calm clear blue ocean with the reef beneath you.

    All the resorts offer excellent excursions.

    Every resort will have Reggae bands, though they will be ... shall we say... a bit toned down. At CSA you could walk to Alfred's or Bourbon Beach... or take a cab (also from CN). They're both the real deal... and are as safe as any music club in the states.

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    I'd say CN is your place. We've been to CN several times, CSA & CSS both once. They are all great but CN is the most laid back & is very "Jamaican" in my opinion plus the beach & pool area are totally perfect & the ocean is great for watersports! We've also done some of the other AI resorts in Jamaica before we found Couples & you are wise to have chosen Couples. You won't be sorry. You will have fun whichever of the 4 resorts you end up at but you really should choose CN.

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    Definitely CSA!

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    I love CN!!! This resort is very laid back. The beach is one of the best beaches I've ever seen. The pool bar is alot of fun, people laughing and trying the diferent shots. I prefer to sit at the beach, but when I go to get a drink it looks as though they are having a lot of fun. The food is very good but, I've been told it is good at all the resorts.

    The night life is as fun as you want to make it. The piano bar is alot of fun,they have games and casino night, disco night. They stay open until the last peron leaves. 3:00am if the mood strikes you!

    I could go on forever ,this resort gives my husband and I everything we want in a vacation. This will be our 4th trip to CN!!!

    You will have fun wherever you go,good luck choosing one. You could do the secret rendevous and let the resort choose for you. It's a win win.
    One Love,

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    Wow, you have a big decision. Just take your time and research each resort. Read reviews, look at pictures, ask questions and you will find yourself leaning towards one of them. Pick that one and have a blast! We loved CSA, but from everything I have read, all the other Couples Resorts are fantastic too. You can't pick wrong. Good luck deciding.

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    negril will have nicer beaches and incredibly calm warm water
    ochi will have private beaches with a lil rougher water

    all but csa offer AN options

    long bay ( where csa is located) offers the most off resort bars /bands eating within walking distance

    CN on bloody bay may offer the " most social" resort so if you are in a small group CN may match up better

    negril offers sunsets which are hard to beat
    enjoy your choice

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    Based on your list, I the Negril resorts sound more of what you are looking for CN or CSA. We love CN because of the layout of the resort, the pool, Bloody Bay, Otaheite.

    When I say the layout of the resort, I mean there is not a ton of walking, the pool is kind of the epicenter of the resort it is huge and everything else is in close proximity to it, not to say you can't find plenty of area's to be alone you can.

    I do agree with Rdyjmjm though, you need to keep looking at the pic's, do all the virtual tours of the resorts, look at the sample menu's to the restaurants, there will be one you keep going back to. That is the one you need to choose it is the one calling to you.

    Good Luck and Happy Travels!

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    Ditto Mzambo.

    CN...Couples Negril...Oh,how I love typing the words.

    But I also love typing CSS..Couples Sans Souci
    CTI...Couples Tower Isle.
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