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    Default Secret Rendezvous

    Has anyone recently done SR and where have they gone?

    We are two weeks out and anxiously awaiting news on which resort we will be at. We booked this about two months ago when we could not pass up the Wednesday special: SR at 250 a night for the month of September.

    So we are going at a bargain basement price to our favorite island, so whatever resort will be just Irie by us.

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    Default Resort

    We went the first week of August and got CTI. We had an amazing time, at a great price and I was very glad to have visited this beautiful resort. It was lots of fun -- the staff was great -- we'd do SR again, cause as you said, "its Couples and Jamaica" so it was all Irie.

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    I am going to be booking the SR for October, in the next day or two! yay!

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    We just found out today we are going to CSS. We were kind of hoping for CTI however we assumed we would get CSS because that is where it seems they send most SR. Have fun!!

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