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    Default Beach wedding was perfect....

    Just returned from CSA and my daughters wedding. It was truly a wonderful time. Like most have said this resort shows some signs of wear, but it is just what you would expect in the Carribbean style. Once we got adjusted to "Jamica Time" LOL, we had a great time. Slowwwwwww down!

    The beach wedding gazebo is so nice, though a reminder, you are on a public beach and will have those that see the sign "wedding in progress" yet still walk by. Actually you are far enough away from the water that they are not a problem and you can still hear the waves coming in during the ceremony. On her day the ceremony was at 4:00 and of course the afternoon shower began at 3:58....and then stopped at 4:05 LOL.....hence the rain, the beach was almost cleared !!!! Just perfect.

    I must say we were pleastanly surprised at how much we enjoyed the meals. We tried things we never would have ordered at home and enjoyed them all. So go for it...if not you can always go to the the cafe for nachos!!! Make reservation upon arrival, they fill up fast. The beach drinks were all great and we never had a long wait for anything except the 2nd lobster tail we ordered....took about 35 minutes.

    We went and swam with the dolphins as an extra adventure and it was really great. Memories to last a lifetime.

    I didn't love the long drive from the airport, white knuckles and all, but Jamica is not known for its' highways! LOL

    Wonderful and special time with only the bride and groom, mom and dad, it was just more than any of us had hoped for. Only problem is the road noise and it was awful....but the bride and groom had an ocean suite and it was perfect.

    What wonderful memories!

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    In four trips to CSA, 3 in garden suites or garden veranda suites, I've never had a problem with road noise. Must be all the sun,fun, and booze. I sleep like a log.

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    Thanks so much for your review!! I have the 4 pm wedding slot at CSA in a little over a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    In four trips to CSA, 3 in garden suites or garden veranda suites, I've never had a problem with road noise. Must be all the sun,fun, and booze. I sleep like a log.
    I sleep like the dead regardless of situation!!

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    On a serious note though, I often wonder about people who complain about road noise. (I'm not bashing you in any way.) I'm curious as to where you live? I live in a busy suburb in the Washington DC area. If I DON'T hear some sort of noise, I can't sleep. lol I just always wonder about people who are bothered by road you live in a remote area?

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    LOL yes we live in a rural area. But mostly we probably had the worst rooms there for noise. Maybe 25 feet from the road (facing the road) and the "cleaning carts" ramp. So we not only got to hear the high pitched engines buzzing down the road we were awaken each morning with the rush of 15 metal carts rolling on the cement ramps (going out in the am and in during the afternoon).

    Honestly though our daughters room with the ocean view was breath taking and so nice. She opened the balcony doors and just listened to the waves each morning. It was just perfect for her and that was what this trip was all about.

    So for us light rural sleepers (LOL) I would most definitely recommend a room away from the road.

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