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    Default can you use iphone 4s camera without roaming charges???

    Hi!! we will be at csa in 6 days and i was wondering if we can use our iphone 4s camera without being charged for roaming outside of the usa??

    Also wondering how early you can pre-check in??

    thanks everyone for your input!

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    You can as long as you have it in airplane mode or you have all your data plans turned off. I got hit with a fee for data usage because I forgot about the location settings and text messaging but my employee was monitoring this and let me know what happened. I took a ton of pictures with it set on airplane mode. They do have wifi you can connect to as well, but it does not work well in all locations on the property.

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    Put it on Airplane mode and you will be fine

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    Yes. Just put the phone on Airplane mode under the settings tab and you won't receive a cellular signal at all.

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    Just leave your 4s on "airplane mode" and use your camera all you want. Last week at CSS I took 150 pics and some video on mine. If you leave it on airplane mode it never reaches out for a signal so no roaming.

    Have a great trip!

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    sure if you keep it in airplane mode!~

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    Yes you can. I don't own an iPhone, but like most phones, I've read that you can shut down your service, or use airplane mode, or other procedure per your owner's manual. There are enough wifi access points on the property that you can use your phone's two-way camera to Skype or video chat with folks back home, use the camera, or whatever.

    Check with your wireless provider.

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    Yes you can, go to settings and put your phone on "airplane mode" and no phone charges will be incurred. You can also turn on wifi and now surf the Internet, post your pictures for your family home or do a daily trip report while at CSA

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    CSA has wifi at the resort. So if you put it on airplane mode once you get on the plane you will not have to worry about roaming charges. No actual phone, but you will have internet and email. It worked great for us while we were there last December.


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    Technically no. To use voice and text you will be charged not to mention apps.

    However, We just returned from CTI and "used" our iPhone 4 without incurring any roaming charges. Here's what we did: under settings, then network, we disabled all data and voice roaming. Anything that said disable or roaming we checked. Then turn on airplane mode. After we were at the resort, we turned on the wifi. Then we could use all of the email, Internet, apps, and FaceTime--all completely free.

    If we needed to call home to someone withou facetime, we used the resort phone in our room. It's only $1 per minute. We just told anyone who would normally text or call us to send an email instead. Then we could call them back if necessary.

    Most importantly, don't enable all of the disabled features until you're back in the U.S. or the data will start rolling in. We did this on two phones and our bill just showed our normal monthly charges--no roaming usage.

    Hope this helps.

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    I believe that you can disable your cell connection on your iPhone during your vacation. There is wireless so setup your wireless connection and then you should be able to upload photos to Facebook or Photobucket or whichever service you use.

    Enjoy your holiday.

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