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    Hi Everyone!

    First off I'll start by saying....IS IT JUNE 5TH YET????? Honeymoon to CSA, CANT WAIT!

    I've been able to check out the menu's for the restaurants, but they are only samples...just wondering what types of seafood (I already know, NO LOBSTER ) I can expect to indulge in...scallops? shrimp? fish? My fiance and I really love seafood....any comments would be great! Thanks!


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    Hi Jeff: Congratulations on your wedding and upcoming honeymoon to CSA!! You'll LOVE CSA with so much to do or nothing if that is what you want. We were there in February and had lots of shrimp and a variety of fish, all are excellent. If you like fish, you must try to grilled snapper on cocobread at SeaGrapes. It's delish!! I love seafood and enjoyed the variety and preparations while we were there.

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    CSA offers lots of shrimp and numerous fish varieties. Snapper seems to be on the menu almost every day. But we also had marlin and grouper this past February. It seems like some sort of fish is available at every meal, even breakfast (try the saltfish and ackee for breakfast at the Palms). Feathers frequently has scallops on the menu, but not so much the other restaurants.

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    Shrimp, tuna, marlin, kingfish, snapper, mahi, mussels, crab, salmon, scallops, squid. These are all found in different variations throughout Couples, along with some others.

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    love the snapper

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    Watch out for the shrimp. They cook it with the head and tails on and VERY spicy. I was disapointed. It was too spicy and too much work to eat. Other fish was GREAT!
    Mary & Mitch

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    Try the lion fish (that's supposed to be one word, but my phone keeps auto-correcting). This is a very invasive fish that has been wreaking havoc throughout the Caribbean, and we' e eaten it at Feathers for the past two years.....It is a white fish that is mild tasting and seems to adapt well to a lot of different sauces. We really like it!

    Really, all of the fish is great here!!

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    I love crab, but haven't seen any in previous visits (during the winter). Does it feature in May - we visit next month ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangles66 View Post
    Watch out for the shrimp. They cook it with the head and tails on and VERY spicy. I was disapointed. It was too spicy and too much work to eat. Other fish was GREAT!
    That's pepper shrimp. It is one of my favorite things in Jamaica and I patiently wait for the beach party, just to get them :-)

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    We just got back and the seafood was wonderful. Fish off the grill almost every day at The Palms lunch was fresh, delicious and simply, but expertly prepared. I had shrimp a number of times prepared a variety of ways. The heads were always off and my favorite was a shrimp and scallop skewer resting on a slice on cantalope - the fruit is always somewhere - even better than the shrimp appetizer at Feathers. The She Crab Bisque at Feathers needs to be experienced as does the Lion Fish if they still have it. The evening's menus are available each day at the entrances to Patois and Palms. Enjoy

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    As others have mentioned, the snapper is my favorite. You can get it at all the restaurants. From snapper sandwiches at Seagrapes to grilled snapper at The Palms, it's my favorite thing to eat at CSA. It is delish!

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    Thanks for all the input everyone!

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    Had the snapper and shrimp last week. It was wonderful!

    Life is good

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    snapper,Shrimp, tuna and scallops, squid always attract more interest.

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