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    Default CSS Room Categories?

    Which room category is most appropriate if we are looking for the following (prioritized from most desirable to whatever):

    1. ocean view
    2. large balcony with loungers
    3. private
    4. quiet

    My understanding is all room categories have room service and minibars, is this correct? If not the case then I would re-priortize the above list. Also, I understand the resort is built on a hill, I have read other posts regarding long hilly walks to access the amenities, can anyone quantify this in regard to time and length? I've come across good advice regarding the various alphabetically assigned blocks but it's not always associated with a particular room category. I appreciate any feedback, thanks Debbie.

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    You're correct about all rooms having mini bars and room service. For your other 4 things you want in a room, I'd go with either a One Bedroom Ocean or a One Bedroom Beachfront. The rooms at the top of the cliffs, particularly Building G, is 150 steps from the beach. Not strenuous, but for us it got old. We'd stay in Building A or B if we ever go back. Plus, the view from the top is of the ocean, while the view from the middle or beach level is of the ocean and beach.

    I'd be happy to send you the CSS map with the rooms listed ( Have a great trip!
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    D building was good, about main bar level and 42 steps to the room.

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    One bedroom ocean are the ones with big balconies and loungers.

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    dandj, not all the one bedroom ocean view suites have large balconies. We had one in D block, and it was a small balcony, with only a table and chairs. The location was great though. Not to many steps to the beach, but a beautiful view.

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