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    Default CSA....What time/how long is the sunset catamaran cruise?

    We are having our weddingmoon in May at CSA. My soon-to-be in-laws will be joining us for 4 nights, Monday through Friday. We are trying to figure out when we could do the sunset catamaran cruise. Wednesday (at 4pm) is our wedding, so that's out. We're doing the private dinner on the beach Thursday (at 7pm), and they are leaving on Friday.

    That would only leave Monday, the day they arrive, or Tuesday, but we have 8pm reservations at Lemongrass that night. I'm trying to figure out what time the cruise gets back, to see if we would get back in time for dinner on Tuesday....

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    You can easily be on time for your Lemongrass dinner, the catamaran returns at about 6:30.

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    It leaves around 330 pm and it's about 2 hours for the cruise. Just in time for the sunset and plenty of time to get ready for dinner.

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    Ours got back around 6:50 because people were having too much fun swimming in the caves

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    How do you already have reservations at Lemongrass? Do you not have to wait until you arrive to make those reservations?

    Melissa & Chris
    Married at CSA on 12/14/12 (12/110/12-12/20/12)
    Booked for CN 12/13/13-12/21/13

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    When you are planning your wedding there, the stateside wedding coordinators can book reservations for the day of your wedding, one day before, and one day after. I think it's just a courtesy so that wedding groups can have a rehearsal dinner of sorts the night before.

    Thanks for everyone for chiming in on times!!

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