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    Default Where have all the Au Naturel Bacci Ball players at CSS SSB gone?

    Haven't heard a peep from all those we left behind after the 18th of March? Or those we pledged to carry the torch for? Did Bacci Ball carry on or just fade away? Did we ever get a team pic?? Did the girls ever beat the guys? Or was this all just a dream that we spent many a great hour+ on the back nine at SSB beach? It seemed so real!

    Chris & Darlene

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    Well Rita and I very much enjoyed a game with 6 others just last week. Sorry we kicked your butt George!


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    We just got back from CSS, and we got into a game of bocce ball at SSB one day, and had a great time. To be honest, though, this trip it was just too hot to play bocce!! It was 40 degrees celcius or more every day, and there was hardly a ripple on the water at SSB. Also, water shoes weren't needed this trip - there was a good path out without rocks! It was a wonderful week!!!

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    Unfortunately our neighborhood covenants forbid us to carry on this tradition in Parker, Colorado. What a blast it was!

    We are getting ready to book our 2013 trip. Anyone going back in March?

    Stalker about you and Nancy???

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    MnK, We are going to book at the same time in 2013. March 2nd to the 9th. Travel agent has the dates just waiting for air fares to settle. Hope to see you and Matt at that time unless something happens with you two!!! Think of you guys ever week. Chris, we will have to talk to Veronique if they need new balls next year! Hopefully Pierre can supply new ones. Kristen, number two post!

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    No one played while we were there. I have never played before and was interested. May be next year?!

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    Hey Stalker Rod, & MnK,

    Miss you all and look forward to our next encounter on SSB! Please check any request to befriend you if you would. Darlene and I have set aside Mar 4 -18th 2012 as our tentative dates for next year. We are also looking at mid sept 2012 for another week, just because we can't wait!!! Have you been in contact with D & K?

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