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    Default Finally Talked him into it!! - Also Virgin Upper Class

    I'ts taken over 3 months of the odd snipit here and there, talking over Sunday Lunch to the rest of the family, but it was taking our son & his new wife to Gatwick for their honeymoon at CTI that did it, the wiff of aviation fuel was the clincher.
    It's not that he didn't want to go he loves Jamaica and COuples it's just he thinks he's getting old and and was worried about his bad hips.
    Well wedding over i have booked for CTI & CSS hoping for a ground floor Beachfront front Suite which we have booked so he dosn't have to do to much of the stairs but we do love CSS.
    BUT what i havn't told him is that i have booked us in Virgin Upper Class i want it to be a surprise just got another 8 weeks to keep my mouth shut (It will be so hard).
    So has anybody been to Jamaica on Virgin Upper Class, it looks on their websit amazing, but i did look on some reviews and some were not that good.
    So just some opinions would be helpful

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    Well Patty, firstly congrats on choosing Couples (you wont be dissappointed!) and a mega congrats on choosing the Upper Class option. Jenny and I traveled with BA for a two weeker at CSS and took Club Class seats (as a surprise for her actually). We haven't flown Upper with Virgin but if it is anything like Club in BA then you are in for a real treat. Lay flat beds?!! Lots of whatever you want and the chance to get on and off first are just a few of the treats in store. The journey home was made particularly pleasant purely because one could lie down flat and actually sleep. Amazing! it is an arm and a leg cost-wise but, in my honest opinion, it will be worth every penny!

    Check out sunset beach when you are there. You'll love that too if the fancy takes you. If you decide to try it out then do so as early as possible so that you don't rue the fact that you missed many days of no wet bathing costumes!

    Enjoy and pass our regards to the staff! John & Jenny

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    Cant help with Virgin Upper Class - Premium Economy is as high as we go!! But, I'd love to hear all about it when you get back - one year perhaps we'll use our airmiles to upgrade. So pleased you have decided you are ok to go to Couples again this year - have a wonderful time, we have to wait till February for our next "fix"!


    Dawn and Roger

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