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    Default CSA, returned guest verses new????


    I'm wondering if return guest at CSA get preferential treatment to new guest?

    I know that returned guest are invited to a special dinner party. What about room placement? Are all request treated equally? I understand that a request is just that, a request. No guarantees. Does that apply to all guest? Do repeat guests get better dining, reservation options.

    This will be our first time at CSA, Just wondering what to expect.



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    Everyone is treated equally, no matter if you've been there 300 times or it's your first. Yes, repeaters get invited to the dinner...but everything else is the same.

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    That is the great thing about Couples and CSA - everyone is treated equally. Unlike at the "S" resorts, where you can pay big bucks to hire a butler and get preferential dinner seatings, return guests are not treated any differently than new guests. Well, except that we get to know the staff, and we get hugs from the staff upon our return. Now having said all that, there are some perks for repeat guests if you register for the Romance Rewards program. At different levels, you get resort credits, welcome gifts, repeaters dinner, and couples massages.

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    While returning guests receive perks as part of the Romance Rewards program, all guests are given a room in the category booked. Upgrades are rare. Room assignments are made upon arrival; if any guests request a particular room upon arrival and it is not occupied, they will be given that room.

    Other than the dinner for returning guests, the same dining options are available for all guests, and no preferential treatment is given to a particular couple regardless of the room category booked or the number of times previously stayed at the resort.

    You won't be treated any differently than anyone else, and you won't feel excluded. Relax and enjoy.
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    Here is a secret i will tell you as a repeater. To get the perks repeaters get, act as though you have been there, get to know the employees name and remember it throughout your stay, this will pay off big as you will be given and you will give what jamaicans regard as something very dear to them and that is RESPECT. Other than that nothing special other than a repeater dinner and maybe a resort credit depending on nights satyed.

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    We have been to CSA over 12 times, we receive the same treatment as the first time we went! I think this is fair to everyone. My travel agent has requested certain buildings for us and what floor we prefer, so far, CSA was always great that way, they have been able to do that for us!! Going back in 2 weeks, cannot wait!!

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    Well we are repeaters and they treat us like a King and Queen.... But then they treated us like a King and Queen the first time too... We have also been to all 4 resorts so that makes us even more special but they still only treat us like a King and Queen... Go figure....!!!

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    We will be arriving for our 10th visit in late May. We have been upgraded exactly once, and that was not at our request... way back when Alex (Fabulous) Cummings was on staff, he recognized us at check in... took our paperwork out of my hands from over my shoulder, and said.... "This just won't do!"... We've asked a number of times over the years... no go. We're just happy to have our room category... and our spot on the beach.

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    The staff doesn't know if it's your first trip or 15th. You don't wear wristbands so everyone gets treated the same. That's one thing I love about Couples.

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    We were first timers in February and felt right at home. We made friends with quite a few repeaters and we all were treated the same. The staff is courteous and attentive to all.

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    So great to read all of these comments. We are planning a return trip to CSA in 2013. Wishing you all great continued Couples experiences :-)

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    Thank You every one for your responses! You have all been a tremendous help in easing my mind on this subject. I'm sure I'll have many more questions. Its great that you are so helpful. I can only imagine how wonderful a vacation will be at CSA with so many helpful, kind people going to CSA.

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    Ok, here's the deal;

    First timers have to go to the end of all lines, give up their beach spot to repeaters, have to fan repeaters with palm leaves when it gets hot on the beach, and do any other mean things that repeaters can think of.

    I kid, I kid....

    Everyone is treated the same. You will have the same good time and excellent service on your first visit as you will receive on all subsequent visits. It is one of the things that is bringing us back for our sixth trip in seven years.

    You are gonna love CSA, no kidding. Have a great trip!

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    Like the others have said before me ..... Everyone is treated the same no matter how many times we've been to Couples or how much we spend on our room ..... Other than the extra credits we've earned as repeaters, we're not treated "better" or get "perks" that the first timers don't get ...... No upgrades, no first in line for dinner, no special treatment other than the hugs we get from staff members that we consider our friends that we stay in contact with between visits ... When you arrive, you are Couples family & will be treated as such ..... ENJOY!!!!!

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    dirtleg, Fan repeters with palm leaves, why didn't I think of that? I had the "Newones", as I like to call them, put sun screen on those places I couldn't reach, and run and get beers for me, but I never thought of the palm thing. Man your'e good. Just got back, so maybe next time!

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