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    Default Repeat guest dinner

    Hello Randymon,

    We are arriving on Dec 26,2012 for seven nights at CTI leaving 1/2/13

    Would you know when the Repeat Guest Dinner is for that time period ?

    I am thinking about surprisng my wife with a private dinner on the beach as we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. We both really enjoyed the Guest Dinner the last time we were at CTI and we would not want to miss that.

    Thank You,


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    Repeater dinner is on Monday at CTI, but then so is the beach party so it may be hard to have a private dinner on the beach. YYou could have a private dinner on the island. We saw people doing that while we were there week before last.

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    Hi Bart and Bug... It was nice meeting you last week. I have never been able to understand why CTI has the Repeater's dinner and the Beach party on the same night. I love the beach party and Bruce loves the Repeater's dinner. So I always give in and miss out on the beach party. They really need to change those nights. It's the only Couples resort that does that. I put that on my comment card 3 years ago but it still has not changed.

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    Hi Brenda & Bruce,

    We enjoyed meeting you during our stay at CSS and chatting with you. That has always been a puzzle to us as well. You're right, it is the only Couples resort that does that. We chose the repeater's dinner the last time we were there but have already decided that next time we're at CTI we'll do the Beach Party instead. We've enjoyed the beach parties at each of the resorts and would have to choose it over the repeater's dinner...given the choice. Maybe if Randymon's out there reading this he'll take the comments and suggestions about moving the beach party or repeater's dinner so they're not on the same night at CTI. We can't be the only people who think this needs to be changed. Hope we'll get to bump into you guys on a future visit to a Couples resort.

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