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    Default Second Stay @ CSA in July, probablility of a room upgrade?

    Hey all.....

    So my hubby and I returning in just a few months and we are just now getting ready to question is, last time we had a first floor ocean verandah that was absolutely perfect, and would like to book that style room again, but it's a bit I thought of maybe just booking a great house verandah and hoping we may get an upgrade? Have any of you stayed in both? Thoughts?

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    Well, normally, I'd suggest that your chances of an upgrade to BFVS are basically in two colors... slim, and none. The one thing you've got going for you is that July is out of the "high", and occupancy, despite Randymon's best efforts, will probably be less than 100%. What this translates into for BFVS occupancy is anyone's guess.

    My recommendation, always, is to book the category you want and can afford. Optionally, put your return home off a bit until you're not quite so queazy about the price.

    For the record, I've not stayed in or been inside either room category, so I can't comment on any comparison.

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    Book the room you want. Upgrades don't happen often.

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    We've stayed in a beachfront verandah suite (which is exactly the same as an Ocean Verandah Suite, except for the location), and we've also stayed in the Greathouse (the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite, which is a little bit different from the other suites in the GH). Although there were parts of being in the Greathouse that we really liked (being so close to the computer room and Patois), it is definitely a different "vibe" than being in an OVS or BFVS room. The GH rooms are much more "hotel like" while the BFVS rooms seem to have more of a beach vibe. It's a subtle difference, but we do prefer the BFVS rooms.

    As far as your chances of an upgrade, it could happen since you are going during off-season, but I wouldn't count on it just because you are a repeater.

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    I wouldn't go expecting a free upgrade. Book the room catagory you want and can afford!

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    No free upgrades that I have ever heard of
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