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    Default Any tours/actvities within an hr from Negril?

    We will be staying at Couples Negril (first time) in June and was wondering if there are any tours, activities, or excursions to do off the resort that aren't too far away? We will be doing the snorkel, glass bottom boat, and sunset catamaran to Rick's since it's already included.

    We've been to the Chukka Zipline Canopy tour and the Mansion of the White Witch when we were in Rose Hall a few years ago.

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    fyi: the cat cruise doesn't go to Rick's. It takes you by Pushcart restaurant where the caves are. There were some local kids there diving from the cliffs and trying to get money from us in order to dive but they were harmless. There is a Negril Highlights Tour (which ends at Rick's) you can book through the tour desk but I'd advise against it. It wasn't worth the $30pp in my opinion. If I had to do it over again, I'd just hail a taxi and get them to take you to Rick's and back. Much cheaper and you can come/go as you please.

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    bmorechick is right, of course...

    But steph, you seem to have a misunderstanding of the catamaran cruise "taking" you someplace... it doesn't really. It IS a must do; it's quite a party atmosphere, and you get an outstanding tour of the Beach and Cliffs areas of Negril from off the shore. Once they get you to the lighthouse, they turn back toward the Beach area, but stop at St. Joseph, which is where PushCart and RockHouse are located... at the top of the cliff. Problem is, you can't get up there from down here any more.

    Time was, you could... there is a blow hole in the caves (which you CAN explore during the catamaran stop) which you could climb. Once up there, there was only one way down... jump. Alas, the lawyers have discovered Jamaica, so the owners have closed this particular jump site. If you DO go to Rick's, you can jump from the Cliff there.

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    Actually, Chris, the CN Cat Cruise does not go past Rick's or to the Lighthouse. It stops at the caves under the Pushcart and stays there for 45 minutes or so. You can get out and swim into the caves and go off the big slide on the Cat.
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