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    Default zip line--will be at csa

    we are leaving this thursday !! and we are wanting to do a zip line as well as swim with the dolophins but did not know if this was a possibility because we booked our trip to csa and i cant find where they have it there, but we didnt know if we could get transportation to another resort to be able to do this? any info would be great!

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    Chukka Caribbean Adventures Negril, Jamaica offers zip line tour. They pick up from CSA.

    To swim with the dolophins you have to go to Ocho Rios, this is a 3-4 hour bus ride each way. It is very costly. Over 500.00 USD for the two of you.

    You can book them at the tour desk.
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    You can book ziplining through the Couples tour desk. It's near Montego Bay so you are looking at a 1+ hour drive each way. I just had some friends come back from CN and they said ziplining was one of the high points of their trip. We plan on doing it this November when we go.
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    The Dolphin cove is only in Ocho Rios so if you wanted to do this, it would be an all day tour because it's about a 3 hour drive each way to Ocho Rios from Negril. Unless you're staying for two weeks and have the time to spare you might not want to do it.

    They also have ziplining in Negril and I believe it's near YS Falls. You can set it up at the tour desk at the hotel.
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