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    Default Christmas Hatters meet-up

    3rd annual Christmas Hatters meet-up at the swim up bar on December 13, 2011 at 2:00 pm. How does that sound, guys? ohohoh or is that hohoho?? I am planning for it already. That Bob Marley sounds good today. By December, I'll really be able to suck down a few. Right, Larry?
    If you missed the last one, you missed out on a good time. Plan on bringing a Christmas hat (any kind), and join in on the fun. I can hardly wait!
    Join Bill and Carolyn, Tom and Melody, Debbie and Larry, and anyone else that wants to have a blast. Who's in????

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    R u ready or what? Snowing today, hoping to go and get my hat today if I can, if not try tomorrow. Larry isn't crazy about it, but I like it. i will look a little before I get this though. Do you have your countdown going yet? Talk later.

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    Hey all-
    I hope you all had a Great time in December. Thought about you all being there!! I am SO Homesick!! Hopefully Dennis & I as well as Holly & Adam will be able to join the Hatters Meet Up in December 2011. Sure hoping it works out! Was really hard not being there this past December...I had many days where I just cried. Then I got out my pictures and closed my eyes and was able to Smile for awhile.
    Take Care!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    don't know how many days yet,l but thought I would move this up before it gets lost. It's March, which means we now have 9 months before we leave for paradise again. Just long enough to have a baby if you would like

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    Oh, Debbie, what a wonderful idea about how you could spend the next 9 months!! Just think, you could have a little Larry just waiting to arrive. If you are real lucky, maybe he will be born at the Christmas Hatters meet-up. We would even help you deliver, after about 10 Bob Marleys I could probably handle it all by myself. What you do think, Melody? Doesn't that sound like a good plan for Debbie???

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    Default hi

    We'll be joinng you, Kathy and Joe from Illinois will be there Dec.10 - 17, already starting my to bring list! Last time I forgot my string of lights, they look so pretty at night when trying to find your room : )

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    Carolyn - I think YOU should have the little Bill and I'll do the delivering - Maybe Larry, and he would do better without the Bob Marleys. Although, he did pretty good last Dec with the Bob Marleys. Hopefully, this yr it will be warmer, maybe we could even get in the pool next yr.

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    Carolyn and Debbie, you two have drank too many Bob Marleys!!

    Maybe you guys can do the lizard dance without the little surprises at the end of the 9 months Although I know how much Larry likes his lizard dance Course I am not sure who liked the lizard dance more....him or Carolyn.....hehehehe

    I don't want to rush the next 9 months, but it sure is going to be fun!!

    Booked 2012 yesterday too

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    Default Countdown

    OK - looked at the excel sheet I have on the computer the other day and noticed, since we added a day to our trip this coming Dec, A DAY EARLY , our double digit countdown starts on my birthday again this year. What a great birthday present. It would be better if we were going to be at CN, but starting the double digit dance will be fine. Told Larry today, I am ready to start packing, bathing suites are washed and ready for the suite case.

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    Debbie......bathing suits are washed and ready to be packed? What about the summer? Planning on it? You little rascals you!!!

    Did you book 2012 yet?

    Can't wait for the meet-up, but I am not sure about the Bob Marleys.....jeesh.....well, maybe 1 or 2 But thats IT!! I MEAN IT!!!

    Hopefully Carolyn behaves herself this time....hehehe.

    Seriously, can't wait to see all you guys!!!

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    Oh, yes Miss Melody, this Southern Belle is going to behave herself. I am going to charm those Bob Marleys right out of the glass. ALL SIX OF THEM!!! Then I'm going on a lizard hunt. Oh, yes Madame, I'm going to BEHAVE. hehehe

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    He Melody and Carolyn

    Yes Melody - we did book for 2012 - we will be ther 12/7 - 12/15.
    AN - in my backyard girl - you bet Just not with the grandkids here

    Carolyn - start lining up the Bob Marleys cause here we come, maybe this yr we could follow the lizards lead

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    Can you believe it - it is 8 months until we have the christmas hatters meet up again. To late to have that baby unless you want to go back prego. How time flies when your having fun (NOTTT). I am so ready to go back to some sun and warmth. It is the middle of April and we still have the heat on. THIS SUCKS - it could be worse though. We could have snow

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    Carolyn!! 6 Bob Marleys???? OMG!! And then lizard hunting?? Oohhh...this is gonna be fun!!

    Debbie, AN in the backyard, huh? Me and Tom do too!! LOl...why not...!! HEHEHE!

    Becky, where are you? Haven't heard anything from you for awhile...are you going to be there this year?

    239 more days!!!!!

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    It's looking like we will be there the same time as you guys. Hope so!!! Still haven't booked but we are in the pre-planning stage. We will be at CN 1 wk from today so can't start planning Dec. until we return.

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    HEY MO!!
    So I read your post and are either @ CN right now or really close to it!! SOOO jealous!! But at the same time I am excited that you might be there the same time as us in December!! That would be REALLY COOL!! I hope you and Bob have a great time this week.
    Keep me posted on your dates for December....I am thrilled to know I might see you again!

    HEY Carolyn and Debbie!!

    Happy Easter!!!

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    MO - glad to hear we will be seeing you this year - we are very excited
    Carolyn - I know you said something about changing the date - I haven't read all the threads on here - just post when it will be changed to
    I HAVE MY HAT - nothing special - but I like it - have to find one for Larry now - he is a little more particular than I am
    Will be packing a special bag for the stocking we will be passing out to the employees - will be to heavy to put in our bag probably


    Maybe we should start practicing at home

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    Hi everyone,
    I have my Christmas hat!! Bill has his Christmas hat!! Who else has their Christmas hat already? It is starting to look like we might have a BIG crowd this year. Oh, those poor bartenders. We wore them out last December. But didn't we just have a ball?? If you want to have a good time, join us at our Christmas hatters meet-up. Debbie, I think my niece and hubby gets there on the 14th, so maybe we'll change it to the 15th. That is on a Thursday and that is the night of the beach buffet, but we should be in good shape for that. Does that sound ok to everbody? I can't wait for our Bob Marleys to be all lined up at the bar. OH, WHAT FUN!!

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    Haven't been on the MB for quite some time....was SHOCKED when I saw how different it was!! Looks really nice, just have to get used to it!
    So, the 15th for the Hatters Meet Up? Works for me!! Tom and I don't have hats yet. Guess I am a little slower than you guys.
    Carolyn, I didn't know that your niece and hubby were coming! How awesome is that!!
    Now, if we can just hear if Mobob will be there.
    And Becky and Dennis too!! Haven't seen her post in awhile, I hope everything is ok.....
    Also Holly and Adam......nothing from them either.
    Time will tell, I guess.

    Well, I have been thinking about my wild women! And Bill and the Lizard King too!
    Gonna go surf this new MB.......I don't like change very much....I gotta make this seem normal to me

    219 more DAYS!!

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    OK, kiddos, lets keep this thread close to the top so that it doesn't fall thru the cracks. It will be here before you know it. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that we sell our house so we can move to the lake. We had a serious bite today; a young couple with a 6 year old and a 7 month old. Our place would be perfect for them. It helped that we had just opened our pool and it was about 95 out with a heat index of 111. Anyway we have a lot to do before our return to Paradise, including total knee replacement which will take place July 25th, so keep me in your prayers.

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    Where are all of my Bob Marley buddies? It has been a month and not a line from any of you. Just thought I would post to keep our thread from going off the deep end!
    Since I last posted, we have sold our house and have to be out by August 1st. I am having total knee replacement on July 25th. Will get out of the hospital July 28th or 29th and I'll have no home to come to. Since our place at the lake is 70 miles away, I'll be staying with my sister and she'll be taking me to my therapy sessions. How do I get myself in this mess???
    Unfortunely, it looks like my neice is not going to make our hatters party, so the orginal time is still on. December 13 at 2:00 p.m. at the pool bar. Bring your Christmas hats and lets do the Marleys!

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    moving up - the summer is here and having a hard time even thinking about Jamaica or the hatters meet up, but here I am and I'll move this up. I am sure after the summer is over, I will be looking forward to our trip and the christmas hatter meet up. Hope everyone is having a great summer

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    The box of stockings and stuff (whatever I ordered at the time) are sitting in my office. I guess I should open this and see if I need to do anything with it before we pack it. I guess we are going to take 2 suitcases, because this stuff is heavy and I don't want to have to pay to take it. Can't wait for the trip, starting to get really excited. I think I am ready to start packing - anyone else?

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    anyone else coming to the meet up - start looking for your hats now don't wait until the last minute. Looking forwward to seeing everyone Dec 13 at pool bar we will start

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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Lets not forget about the Christmas Hatters Meet up at the pool bar on 12/13 @ 2:00 - who is going to be there for the fun again this yr [[COLOR="#FF0000"]

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