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    We have never had an issue with bugs/sandflies at Couples previously, however have seen a post somewhere that a holidaymaker came home with in excess of 60 sandfly bites, having had these in the past they are not pleasant! Can anyone advise whether they have experienced these in Swept Away and any idea how to avoid this? Have previously been bitten away from the beach -even in my room, really not pleasant! Normal bug spray didn't appear to work so any advice would be gratefully received!

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    Some times they bite me, some times they don't. They never bite my wife!!! Insert any joke you wish here!!! I do take Deep Woods Off. It has DEET in it. It seems like they bite more when we are there in December. In March it's not as bad. I maybe had 10 bites on each leg. They don't itch. They just look bad. They say they are at their worst when the sand is damp and you are out at sunrise or after the sun sets.

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    They are nasty, aren't they?

    Avoid the beach at dusk and immediately after rainfall. Oh... and stand next to my wife... you won't have any problems... they LOVE her! As much as we enjoy sitting about the beach bars around 5pm, that seems to be when the little buggers get active.

    They're leapers, members of the shrimp family, and bite like the dickens. Worst part is, you can't even see the little guys! Lots of folks think they're a myth, but they are all too real!

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    We use Off on our feet at night before going out. Seems to work, at least we have not had any severe problems with bites from sand fleas. We also spray it on exposed skin on arms, legs, back, etc. before heading out for the evening. Mosquitos seem to be more of a problem for us, but they have not been all that bad either most years. One thing we do with using insect repellents is to shower before going to bed when we get back to our room for the night. Don't like that sticky feeling or the odor. Doesn't taste good either, if you get my drift.

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    We go every year and yes there are sand fleas, also mosquitos..I take a couple bottles of skintastic or off, and that works just fine. I spray it esp in the evening, it sucks bc even though its unscented it does have a smell, so doesn't work too well with perfumes,lotions,etc, but with the humidity that stuff doesn't last long anyhow lol...also always spray it when going on the beach, anytime, esp at night. The lil bugs are worse at night but they are on resort in day too, everywhere date, ive never had any issues other than a stray mosquito bite or two They don't even bother with my hubby lol...I say its because he eats so much spicy food all the time lol...

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