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    Default Visiting Scotchie's in Ocho Rios

    If anyone has visited Scotchie's I'd love to hear about your experience. We're staying at CSS next week and have heard wonderful things about it. I'm wondering how you got there and the cost. I'm also wondering how you avoid the cruise ship crowds. Only 4 more sleeps and we're going home!

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    Excellent thread on this subject and it has a link to some pictures I took there. I really enjoyed my trip to Scotchies!

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    Hi rrallen,
    We love Scotchies! We have managed to go there on all of our trips! The jerk chicken is amazing and so is the pork! My husband loves the sausages! Watch out for their special jerk sauce--it can pack a wallop--but nothing a few cold Red Stripes can't cure! Also the the sides are very good too--peas and rice, festival, et

    One tip, some of the tours from the cruise ships take their guests to Scotchies to eat, so sometime it can be a bit crowded. But there is ample outdoor seating.

    Have a great trip! I have to wait until July to have some great jerk at Scotchies!!

    One Love,

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    It is excellent....My advice...Make sure you have the sauce on the side!.....

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    Thanks everyone! I'll have to put up a post after our visit. We're going home to CSS tomorrow!!!

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    Last year we were the only ones in the van to OR so we asked the driver to stop at Scotchies. He took us to the MoBay one just a few minutes from the airport. It was outstanding and I highly recommend it. We got some food for the driver too. Hopefully we can do this again (and again and again).
    Gino (from Reno) and Kristie

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