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    I know that CSA is on the 7 mile beach. Is CN on the same stretch of beach?


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    No, CSA is on Long bay and it's about 5 miles and. Cnegril is on Bloody bay. You can't walk between the two resorts. Bloody bay is about 2 miles in length and cnegril shares the bay with other resorts. We love Csa's beach because we can barhop and shop.

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    Yes... and no.

    CN is on Bloody Bay, which technically is part of Seven-mile. However, Seven-mile Beach is not one continuous stretch of beach from the north end of Bloody Bay to Negril. There is a break in the beach that would require you to take Norman Manley for a few blocks north of the Long Bay Beach Park (No. 2?)... nominally to short circuit through Rutland Point. But you can basically walk from the Long Beach Park 2 (if that's what its called) south to where the Negril River enters the sea, and perhaps a little past that (where the old Negril Yacht Club once was).

    Basically, you can walk most of Long Bay from the public park south to the Village... a long way.

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    No I believe CN is located on Bloody Bay and it its own area separated from 7 Mile beach.

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    No, CN is on Bloody Bay.

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    The water at CN is so calm. Even on windy days when Long Bay is a little choppy, Bloody Bay is relatively motionless. I did some stand up paddleboarding on a day with 20mph winds and 3 ft swells outside of the bay, and the water was barely moving in the bay.

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