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    Default We just booked - question about military discount, Randy?

    We just booked swept away for October (yay!). We have read the military discount criteria on the website but it doesn't mention regular sales that I can see, just the Wednesday special sales which we did not receive. The customer service rep said we could not receive the military discount because we were already receiving a 10% off sale. I just wanted to double check that we do not qualify for the military discount. This is our first trip so we don't know the ins and outs.

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    The Military Discount only applies to the room rate. It does not apply if you make a booking through directly -including airfare. You may also NOT combine the Military Discount with the resort credits and free nights or other value-added benefits.. It's your choice. You can take the 10% military discount OR you may opt for a promotion that includes other benefits such as resort credits, free nights, etc.

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