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    Default Finally!! It's our turn.

    Day after day, we all scroll up and down the Couples boardwalk of Resorts. We read about them. We write about them. We share, listen, learn, love,help, laugh and through the words of all who share their thoughts and feelings on their Couples experience. First time, long time, and those whose time has not yet arrived.

    We, who read, feed on every picture, every review, every story, all the personal feelings that many of us are able to share with each other, in the World of all things Couples. It is an enriching human immersion in kindness and love. What we all share, helps keep the excitement and the experiences alive for a little while longer.

    If you have ever read any of my posts, it isn't hard to see that my wife Sylvia and I are Couplesholics. Our discovery of the Camp for Couples, has given us the warmest brightest happy times we could never had imagined. It has done much to help us along on our long term relationship of 45 years.

    And finally, after all the things that we all have to do in order to actually take the vacation, we are finally going to take the vacation.

    CTI beckons. I can almost see and hear the Mento band as the van pulls next to the lobby.
    At that moment,there is no greater feeling, that can lift your spirits and explode your enjoyment, like standing in (insert resort) lobby. Very, very deep sigh of satisfaction.

    We will have that very feeling when we arrive at CTI Thursday, early afternoon.

    Thanks to all who contribute to this gathering place. It makes each day guaranteed to have at least one place we can go, at any time of the day or night, and be able to be sit quietly, and enjoy the warm glow from the lingering embers of "others" in the Couples-go-round.

    Wow. What a great place.

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    Have a great time you two.

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