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    Default Last minute tips for CTI?

    My husband and I are leaving on our (9 month) delayed honeymoon to CTI on Sunday (4/15-4/20). I'm so excited!! The trip advisor reviews convinced me to book; and the talk on these boards has made me even more excited (if that is even possible) to arrive. I want to say thank you to everyone who has left advice before as I've read through about 10 pages of past posts, haha.

    I learned to bring gifts for housekeeping instead of cash tips. I learned everyone rec's the nudie island - not sure I'll be able to get the nerve up for that! I learned to book restaurants and excursions early-early-early. And I learned that I will definitely not be the only one enjoying a mimosa every morning.

    Are there any tips that returning CTI-ers care to share with first-timers? We've never done all inclusive before, but we're really excited for the experience. We're late-20's and plan to spend our time reading, sleeping, eating and of course, drinking. Anything else that we should be sure to put in our 5 day plan? Thanks in advance!!

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    littlefieldmj We may run in to you, we arrive on the 12. This is our 33 visit to CTI and believe me, we are just as excited as you are for your first.

    My advise? Just let it all happen. There is so much to take in. Things you may have never seen, or smelled or tasted. Just go with your heart and have fun.

    Welcome to the Couples family.


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    You will love it. We are going in June for our 17th visit / 19th to Jamaica.

    -First trip only- take the tour to learn where everything is or have a repeater take you around. We have done it many times.
    -Get to know the staff, they are some of the best people we have ever met and are THE reason that others have returned many more times than us!
    -Try all the restaurants, everyone is great. But Eight Rivers unreal!
    - Unless you are totally against it (and understand if you are) try the island early in your trip. You will meet some great people with no attitudes about anything. And you WILL go back out! And you will meet some new lifelong friends; we do every year on the island.
    - Use the new spa. VERY nice.
    - Ask some of the bartenders to let you know some of the newer / popular reggae artists that we may not know back in the states (I find at least one or more new ones from them every year). And then fill my iTunes playlist with them. And ask them to teach you some Patois (a Jamaican dialect).
    -Try anything "jerked". Chicken, pork, burgers...all unreal. And make sure to bring some jerk marinade back home.
    - Try some rum cream on the rocks. We finish every night with that. And try at least one Bob Marley. Itís a drink. You will learn about it from any bartender.
    - Go on the Dunnís River tour. Itís free and you climb up a waterfall with a guide. A must do.

    OK, I think you get the picture I could go on...and on!
    Must important enjoy and congrats on the honeymoon. Couples will make sure it is a great one!
    Let us know if we can help in any way?

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    Bring your own personal pharmacy. Over priced if you have to buy there, plus the stuff may be made somewhere else. Plus, if you bring it, you won't need it. Pack all your stuff in plastic bags so if something breaks, it's only one tiny mess. Bring a lot of extra metal hangers; you'll need them. Lots os swimsuits and cover ups and then dinner clothes is all you'll need. Do the Canopy outing --zip line fun. You are going to love it there.

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    Wow, you all are so sweet, thanks for the tips!
    Richie, I'm sure we'll run into each other during our trip; it's a good indicator of the resort that a couple has returned so many times!!
    JamAmericans, my aunt told me about the rum cream. I think it sounds gross, but if you say it's good, I guess we'll have to try it!
    And Sun_Princess, we will def be bringing advil, tums, and all other just-in-case things. Hubby is an eagle scout and I'm a planner - we're always prepared! I'll have to talk him into the zip line, it sounds like fun!

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    We are leaving at 5:10 Monday morning 4/16 for our first all-inclusive trip and first on out of the US. I have also learned many things from this message boeard and feel we are very prepared for our trip. I want to thank all of you who take the time to answer all of the newbys questions it is really appreciated. You all give up so much insight that is truly priceless when trying to plan the PERFECT trip. At this point I can hardly stand the wait with 5 days till we leave knowing what a wonderful time we will have and getting to know some great people. Hope to get to meet you both littlefieldmf and crabracer. See you in the sun.

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    Loving this thread! My husband and I arrive on 4/21 (sad we're missing you by one day) for our ONE-YEAR delayed honeymoon! We celebrate our year anniversary on 4/30 ... and we can't wait to visit CTI!

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    Yesterday I bombarded the dollar store for school supplies & hair accessories to bring to the island. I imagine the space that will take in our luggage going down will be replaced by souveniers on the way back.

    Does anyone have tips on how/when to leave them for staff? Should we leave a little each day, or just a big pile at the end of our trip? Also, what is the best way to find out/meet who is taking care of our room? I'd hate to leave coloring books for a staff member without children.

    Stephanie & Mark - hope to see you out there too, have a safe flight! We'll be on the lookout for a travel-weary couple on Monday evening.

    KJC - bummer we'll miss you guys, but I guess I can't complain anymore about our delayed honeymoon since you have us beat. Have a happy anniversary!!

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    Try the sweet potato chips and dips at the Veggie Bar (yummy!!)
    Order room service and have breakfast on your balcony (what a great way to start the day!)
    Find the rooftop terrace- they will have pre dinner cocktail parties there!
    Visit the parrots near the spa- they love the attention
    Have drinks in the piano bar (it is air conditioned!!!)
    Request "Clover" at the spa- her massages are the best!
    Go to the photo center early in your trip- you can hire a photographer to take photos for a day at various places throughout the resort. Then you only pay for the photos you want to purchase.
    Bring a scented candle or two in your suitcase- hides any mildew smell and adds for ambiance for nightly moonlit drinks on your balcony
    Read the activities schedule in advance and plan what you want to do- trust me, this way you won't miss out on your must do's and then can add in other activities along the way....
    We love Couples! Have been to CSS 8 times, CTI 2 times and Couples Negril once...have a blast!! N

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    I hope you will post about how your trip is when you get back...we are doing our honeymoon in November and I am always excited to hear peope's first time reviews!
    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
    - John 14:27

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    Pack swimwear in your carry on. You can take a swim while you wait for your room to get ready.

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