My husband and I are leaving on our (9 month) delayed honeymoon to CTI on Sunday (4/15-4/20). I'm so excited!! The trip advisor reviews convinced me to book; and the talk on these boards has made me even more excited (if that is even possible) to arrive. I want to say thank you to everyone who has left advice before as I've read through about 10 pages of past posts, haha.

I learned to bring gifts for housekeeping instead of cash tips. I learned everyone rec's the nudie island - not sure I'll be able to get the nerve up for that! I learned to book restaurants and excursions early-early-early. And I learned that I will definitely not be the only one enjoying a mimosa every morning.

Are there any tips that returning CTI-ers care to share with first-timers? We've never done all inclusive before, but we're really excited for the experience. We're late-20's and plan to spend our time reading, sleeping, eating and of course, drinking. Anything else that we should be sure to put in our 5 day plan? Thanks in advance!!