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    Default Overbooking Room Categories - CSS?

    After 2 trips to CSA we’ve decided to try CSS. We are already very excited about our trip to CSS even if it is over a year away!! At CSA, we reserved the Ocean Verandah room category for both trips. The first night of each trip, we were given the Garden Verandah room category because the Ocean Verandah category was overbooked on our arrival date. We were of course moved to the Ocean Verandah room the following day… worries. I’m just curious if this “overbooking” takes place at CSS too? We have reserved the Penthouse category for our stay at CSS.

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    We've been to the various Couples Resorts for a total of 18 trips, and this only happened to us once, on our first trip to CTI way back in 1998. Every other time, we've gotten exactly the room category we booked upon arrival.
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    I've always wondered about the whole overbooking thing. Resorts, airlines, doctors office. How does that happen?
    I don't think that Couples overbooks intentionally. That just doesn't make sense to me.

    As to the penthouse suite, we stayed in D block at the Steve McQueen suite. Very nice. Great view. A little far from everything else, but not really a problem.


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    Hi Heather,
    We have been to CSS 4 times, our 5th trip is coming up in July, and we always book the Penthouse Suites and always have been given a Penthouse Suite. This is not to say that there can't be over-booking because there are only 11 Penthouses. If there is an over-booking issue, I'm sure the staff will work with you.

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    Yes they can overbook but our experience has been getting bumped up - first time from Oceanview Suite to Penthouse. Last time from Penthouse to Hibiscus Cottage. Doesn't get any better than that. I wouldn't worry.

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    We booked a penthouse 2 years in a row and never had a problem. We lucked out and got the Steve McQueen suite the first time and the Roger Moore the second. RM is the one you see in the pictures and the 360' view. The SM is the one next to it. You'll love any them I'm sure! Have a fab time.

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    We've been twice to CSS. First time - a beautiful one bedroom ocean veranda and the second time a beachfront one bedroom suite. I've looked at the Oceanview suites - and I believe the building is right on that lovely peninsula??? (We were in G and then A buildings). We are going to CSS for our 38th wedding anniversary in late August. Would you recommend going for one of those suites vs the verandah one bedroom? (HIbiscus is out of our budget I'm afraid!)

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