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Thread: CTI Oct 2010

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    Default CTI Oct 2010

    Booked for Oct 6 - 16th 2010 with the $500 credits. Anyone else?

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    Default October 2010

    Let's get the list started. I know you're out there and have booked already. We're in for October6-16th

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    Default snjcouple

    We are booked again for 10/16/10 to 10/23/10 for our 23anniversary.

    Don & Bernadette

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    Booked. We'll arrive on the 9th!

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    Oct 20th thru 27th... will just miss.

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    Default Gettin hitched on the 9th!!

    We will be there 10/7-10/14 : ) I'm a newbie so I'm reeeeally excited!!

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    Welcome to the Couples family futuremrandmrs. You will have a fabulous time and you will love CTI.

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    Don & Bernadette: Please send us an e-mail, we are still deciding when in October to vacation. Frank & Cindy

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    We are planning to book October 2nd-9th! Yeah!!

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    We'll see you there then.

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    We are booking October 16th-22nd, and cannot wait! We were going to escape to Jamaica this year to get married, but a *loud-mouthed* relative couldn't keep a secret! Our families all but killed us, so we had a small wedding locally in October, forgoing our dream WEDDINGMOON at CTI, but we'll be there with bells on to celebrate our first anniversary and to renew our vows (so that we still have a small slice of that CTI weddingmoon dream...) P.S. New to this MB posting thing, so I hope I'm doing this right!

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    Happy New Year to all our October CTI friends. Let the count down begin.

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    285 DAYS!!! Happy New Year, fellow October CTI-ers!

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    This may be a silly question, but I'm a little confused, and hoping my fellow October CTI buddies can help me out. We just booked (HURRAH!) but I was a bit thrown off about the spa services. If you choose to have spa services, do you have to pay for them up front? We had already booked, but know we want to do a couples massage, and I'm a little confused about the process. I thought I read somewhere that spa services had to be paid up front?! Can someone help me?! I hope we didn't just miss out. Ahh, well, I guess I can't complain too much even if we did miss out, we'll be on the beach in Jamaica in 282 days! Any help is MUCH appreciated!

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    You can book/pay at the spa desk...before the massage.

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    Default THANK YOU KrisJamie!

    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    You can book/pay at the spa desk...before the massage.
    Oh thank goodness! I was really going to be bummed if we couldn't add massages at a later date! We are honestly about to jump out of our skin with excitement. 2010 is going to be a big year for us. We are planning a move in a month or two back to Southern California (HOME!!!) and then our trip to CTI (which hopefully will become our 2nd home!) in October. Oh man!!! Really looking forward to meeting you all! This MB has been such an integral part of our choice to book with Couples. Actually, there was never really any competition. My TA kept trying to get us to look at the "other guys" but we put our blinders on and we are so thrilled we found Couples.

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    Just booked for 10th-16th 2009. Second time at Couples, last time was at CN in Sept of 2008. We loved that trip, made some good friends. I just hope we picked the right resort for this trip. Can't wait, let the countdown begin again.

    Brandie (29) Andrew (30), 7th wedding anniversery.

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    Just booked for October 2nd - 9th, 2010. This is our second time a Couples. We got married at CN in October, 2006. Can't wait to see everyone and make new friends!

    Leslie (40) Mark (40), 4th wedding anniversary

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    Welcome Leslie and Mark to the October CTI group. It will be here before you know it. I'm sure you will love CTI.

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    Default oct 2010

    Booked for the 8th thru 16th. See you there!

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    We have booked again from October 01 through 10, can not wait. We had a wonderful time last year.

    Greg and Shannon

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    Welcome shaneandamy, your gonna love it. Great to see your coming back Greg and Shannon. See you on the dive boat and in the piano bar!!!

    Deb and Jas

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    Deb and Jas, we are the folks in NC that reconnected with you in Oct. 2009 (hopefully the picture I added to our signature will show on the MB). Sent you guys a friend request on the message board, no pressure, just didn't know if you had received a notification. Also, Frank and Cindy, it would be great if you guys were there to hang out with again (sent you a friend request, as well). Jay and Cheryl are still trying to decide if they can make it back this year (let's hope!) Ernie and MJ are already booked for the 9th-16th, as well.

    Shane & Amy
    Mocksville, North Carolina
    CTI October 2006, CTI October 2009, CTI October 2010, CTI October 2011, CN October 2012, CSS October 2013, CSS October 2014, CSS October 2015

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    Travis and Crystal,

    What are we going to do, u arrive a day after us, and Im not waiting on that bus all da for you this year..can't wait to see u.

    Greg and Shannon

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    Deb and Jas,

    The entire Florida group is on the way back..can't the way luv the video, ty.

    Greg and Shannon

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