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    Default 1st time to Jamaica

    Just made reservation to CN. So excited it our first time to Jamaica.

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    You made a great choice. I was talked into Jamaica and Couples and God willing we're going back for our third visit in January. You will have an amazing time

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    CN will blow you away!

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    You will soon find out why people call CN home. Congrats and have fun!! We are heading back for our 5th time in 88 days.

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    Wada....Choosing a Couples resort for your first Jamaican visit was a great choice...Now,choosing CN only adds more cream to the cake.
    from 10 0 C

    Congrats..You will be very spoiled SOON.

    CN..Couples Negril take great care of Wada.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff
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    Welcome to the Coupleholkics Family.

    Now beware of the JamaicanMeCrazy Flu. Once contracted you will always want to return to Couples.

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    You are gonna love love love Jamaica and CN!!!!!!!!!


    Make sure you have dinner at Otaheite, but beware of the never empty wine glass............

    Do not miss the Catamaran Cruise....

    One of my favorite places at CN is a hammock near the scuba pool kind of hidden in the gardens, I like to lay there with my husband at night and listen to the tree frogs, peeking through the palm tree's at the stars. It is so romantic!

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Bring pens to fill out your immigration/customs forms at the airport. CN has the world's best macaroon cookies at the snack bar.

    The pool is pretty nice, too.
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    We will be wheels up for CSS in 90 days. I don't know which is more exciting - going to Jamaica for the first time, going to CSS for the first time or getting to see Bob Marley's house. Probably all three. Is it easy to use AMEX travelers checks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkgroup View Post
    You will soon find out why people call CN home. Congrats and have fun!! We are heading back for our 5th time in 88 days.
    YAY! More turkey people. My husband and I will be at CN in 83 days. First time JA and Couples.

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    Don't bring travelers checks, they are a pain to deal with. Bring lots of small bills. Vendors do not have a way to cash travelers checks and they frequently don't have the right change. So bringing lots of small bills will allow you to pay for stuff without getting JA dollars in change. If you go shopping on the shopping tours, those stores will take credit cards, but be sure and let your cc company know that you will be out of the country and what your travel dates are.
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    Jamaica Soon Come

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