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    Default Randymon, If we book now and the rates get better...

    wondering if we book now for January 2-12 2013... and a Wednesday deal comes up, can we take advantage of it somehow? Wanted to book last wednesday but the travel dates didn't include our dates in January. ( get the deluxe ocean at the garden rate...) I don't want to wait however I don't want to miss out on a great wednesday deal... any advice?

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    Best Deal Guarantee Policy
    If you find a better deal after you make your reservation, we will match it so that the deal you get is the always the best available.

    You must let us know at least 45 days prior to your arrival.

    BTW - "Best Deal" does not necessarily mean Best Price. We take into consideration price and value added benefits - such as resort credits...

    Couples Resorts

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    So does that mean if you book now for a later date and the prices for that date do not include a resort credit. That when the specials come out for the later date that do include a resort credit you will be able to get it ?

    Thank you,

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    Yea, I am kinda confused.. I mean if I book now for January 5-12, 2013. I still am getting the great rates, however, every Wednesday the really cool stuff comes out.
    so, if I don't book by the 18th I won't get the reduced rates, but I may get a really cool wednesday deal.

    I was wondering, If i book now, and I get the great rates, if a Wednesday deal comes out, can I call and take advantage of that as well? say, in a month or two ...

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    sorry, posted too soon,.. as it is right now, none of the Wednesday deals go into 2013... thats why I'm asking

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