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    Default Redirected website


    Does anyone know why I keep getting redirected to when I go on the website.

    This has only just starting happening and it is frustrating.


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    Hi, I also have this problem, as we are in England we can no longer access that site only the UK site,
    also we can no longer see the American deals with the free extra credit when you book. It seems only the US site can get the deals, have mentioned this before but no real answers.

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    I have been unable to get onto the .com site event when I type the whole address. But I also notice the offers have improved on the UK site since this redirection

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    I have also been unable to access the website, even when typing the full address. Presumably the UK site is automatically detected when accessing from the UK and we are redirected to the UK site. As daffers says, the offers on the UK site have improved since the redirection and at least I no longer get frustrated at not being able to get the extra credits offered to US guests!!

    The official explanation from Couples UK when I asked why we don't get the US offers was that UK prices are less.

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    I thought I was the ony one, and blamed our new computer!

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    Is it just me, or is anyone else having a problem putting in the date when trying to get a quote on the new UK site. I can access the drop down boxes for the airport, hotel and length of stay, but I just cannot put the date in. Help!!

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    Hi, yes , spoke to Couples UK today, we can no longer get the US deals, so we can not get the $500 credit resort ever what the US market can get for 2013 , it does not seem right, but we have no choice, we will have to shop around for the best deals, whether it be with Couples or another website, will have to do some seaching for 2013.

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