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    Default Checked luggage and Delta

    We will be flying to Jamaica on Delta for the first time. When I looked at the website, it seemed that with flights to the carribean, there is no charge for 1 checked bag. My TA says there is a charge but I don't read the info on the website that way. Please help! We are not going first class or using some special card.....just economy! Thanks!

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    Just about all airlines charge for checked bags except southwest. Since a perk of the delta platinum americanexpress card is free checked bags I think delta charges for them.

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    Used to be free. Just checked the website and there it was - Travel from US to Caribbean - 1st Checked Bag $25.00 2nd Bag $40.00. What a ripoff!!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
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    It all depends on when you purchased your tickets. If you purchased your ticket prior to October 1, 2011, the first bag is free ( ).

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    We flew Delta on March 1st of this year. 1st bag is free.

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    Now I feel better about our decision to fly US Airways instead of Delta this December. I was justifying in my mind that the US Airways airfare was cheaper even with the baggage charge. Now I see that Delta charges also.

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    One of the reasons I booked American Airlines was first checked bag free. I believe Delta charges now. GIve them a call. I called every airline and only AMerican was no fee.
    Mary & Mitch

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    We just flew Delta from Detroit to Jamaica in March, and were astonished when we were NOT charged for our first checked bags.

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    MikeMonica is right - it is $25 for the first bag per person.... I am also traveling Delta in October and I looked into this as well. It stinks... you would think that for the amount you pay for a ticket a checked bag would be included, but I expected it.

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    We are here at CSA and flew Delta down. 3 checked bags=$90. Oh well we are in Jamaica Ya mon!!!!!!!

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    We always got 2 free bags each, but for 2013 travel (and using our Sky Miles card) we each get one free and the second is $40. Not too happy about that...

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    Just cost us $50 for the two bags each way.

    Life is good at CSA

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    I have a question regarding this as well - I was thinking about this this morning. Everyone says that on a connecting flight we have to get our checked bags, go through customs, and re-check the bags. This "re-checking" of the bags doesn't make us pay the $25 per bag AGAIN - does it?

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    No, you have checked your bags through to your final destination when you left Jamaica. This check in is just to get it to your connecting flight after going through immigrations and customs, and to actually look in your bag if you are one of the people they pick. In 4 years coming back through Charlotte, I have never seen them stop a soul, the guy/gal takes your form and says welcome back.

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    You do not pay a fee to recheck your bags.

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    No you do not pay again in the re-checking.

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    We are flying american or should I say unamerican. we have to pay $30 for our second checked bag on the way down and $30 for our second checked bag on the way back. I just found out since we have to spend the night in Miami that we have to pay for the bags leaving Montego bay and then again in Miami the next morning when we leave HUGE RIP OFF

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    On the way back if you don't have a non stop you have to recheck your bag, but there is not an additional fee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redinthehead View Post
    On the way back if you don't have a non stop you have to recheck your bag, but there is not an additional fee.
    Are you talking about with delta or american? I called american last night and two different agents advised me we have to pay in montego bay and again the next morning leaving Miami since we will be there more than 12 hours

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    ...wait... what? I thought you get 2 free bags when flying international with Delta... that's how it was for us when we flew in 2010 and 2011...

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    we just flew home yesterday and it was $25 for the first bag for me and my wife

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    We just booked Air Tran out of Dayton, OH and it was cheaper to fly them first class, 2 free checked bags, than to fly Delta coach pay for bags out of CVG. Better times also.

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    I am pretty sure Delta does not include the Caribbean in their "international" list for first checked bag free. Our booking states that we will have to pay a checked bag fee of $25 for the first bag, second bag is $40. Business Elite class gets first bag free. We booked in December for our trip in June.

    At least, so far anyway, they are not charging for carry on bags. It is looking like that is the next big fee source for the airlines. Some have begun charging for carry on already.


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    melvin - that is not what Delta says - unless you are a rewards member or something....

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    We payed $25 for the first bag each way last week flying Delta. 2-bags, $50 each way. Pay on line with a credit cards when confirming your flight. It's much easier.

    Life is good

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