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    Default Reserving things before hand

    Hi, I was just wondering what type of things can i reserve before we get there? Like for at the restraunts, private dinners, tours? any help would be appericated, i am excited to be going to CTI but i want to make sure i get the most out of my time there. Thanks

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    I'd like to know this as well. We are going in 1 month!

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    I have not been to CTI, but at CSA, the only things you can reserve in advance (unless you are getting married there) are private beach dinners and excursions that you pay for.

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    This is the same for CTI and CN.

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    I was thinking that spa services could be booked in advance, but I guess this could have changed.

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    You can get a dinner reservation pretty easy, and after check in can go to the reservations desk to make them. They need your room number, so not something that you can do early. Do at least on night at 8 Rivers, but the buffet is great, and don't miss out on the Beach Party, the food is great, and it is a good time. The same for the snorkeling and scuba tours, they require a room number. Once you get there the staff make everything easy, so have a great time. I am counting down the days. We have 144 more to go.
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