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    Default Easter Egg Hunt at CSA

    It was a blast. 80 adults running like little children looking for that magic egg...three free nights at CSA!

    I even climbed a palm tree. Wrong tree though. Congrats to the winner.

    Life is good at CSA

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    Ha Ha Ha! I'd like to see that photo of you climbing a tree!! Glad you're having a good time. How is the beach?

    Beergirl for my Couples videos

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    We all looked like a bunch of kids. With a 3 free night offer, everyone took off running. All ages of children. Just have to smile. The resort has had four days of special Easter activities. Bun eating contest today.

    The beach is at about 75% it was the last visit. Still large and plenty of room. No problem finding chairs. the weather is hot and somewhat windy the last couple of days. Most everyone stays off the beach mid day. Too Hot Hot Hot.

    Playing volleyball and getting fat from all the great food.

    Everyone, come on down. The staff is wonderful!

    Life is good at CSA

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