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    My husband and I want to eat at the Casanova restaurant our 1st evening at CSS. We arrive at around 4 pm. Is this too late to make a reservation for dinner...should i call ahead? Is it a big deal?

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    You can't make reservations until you arrive so calling ahead won't work. They may or may not have reservations available when you arrive, so have a back up plan--like room service.

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    You'll have to check-in before you can make reservations. While there is the possibility that you can get a reservation at Casanova on your first night at CSS...we haven't been that lucky. We come prepared to go to the Bella Vista on our first night and see if we can get into one of the other restaurants when we arrive.

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    Hi Carol123,

    You can call the resort and make reservations before your arrival. We made our dinner reservations for each night we are there.

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