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    Default Giving Hugs for Tommywommy

    Hi Tommywommy, just wanted to let you know that I saw Karen Lanigan a couple of times last week during our stay at CN and I made sure to give her a big hug for you. She said that she has missed hearing from you and was going to send you an email soon.

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    Blondie...What?You went to CN and left me behind?LOL

    So happy for you that you were at CN while I was home..Right..LOL

    I hope to book today..Peggy does not want to spend the money right now but I told her it must be done today...She has been flip flopping on me but I think I have her cornered now..

    Can not wait to return to CN and get me a great big Karen hug.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me.
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    I tried my best Tommy to fit you in my suitcase, but I just couldn't do it. I do hope that you and Peggy get to go home soon. You will love the changes that have been made, at least I think they are new for you, it has been a while since you have been to CN if I remember correctly.

    If you already know this, forgive me, but the new bathroom across from Lychee is wonderful, very nice and also very easy to reach from Heliconia. Of course the treehouse for massages is very pretty as well. And I loved the red flag service at the pool (didn't remember that one.

    It was great and we are already trying to figure out next year. Hopefully Peggy will figure out the funds and you will be able to book. Any luck on the job front?

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