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    Default Couples Tower Isle OR Couples Sans Souci, 1st time visitors

    Hi my significant other and I are in our early 30's and are traveling to Jamaica very soon. We chose ocho rios because of all the off resort things to do. I would like to know what it is you love about Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci and what you do not like and MOSTLY...WHICH WOULD YOU RECOMMEND for a young couple looking for relaxtaion and romance but some night time fun as well??? They both seem beautiful but need some insite to decide!! Thanks

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    Hi Luckyred-

    I am a bit biased because Sans Souci stole our hearts. We have been there six times. CTI only once. CCS is so beautiful and very ,very romantic. The AN beach is lovely. Did I mention the resort is so romantic?!?
    CTI is very pretty. The AN island is fun but not very private(you are always right next to another couple) and sometimes the shuttle boat doesnt go out because of weather. The resort while very beautiful is very hotel like. It doesnt have the island feel to it. So it is really about what your priorities for fun are. You will have fun at both. Any other questions just ask!

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    Hi Luckyred,

    We've been to both and will be returning to both in 4 and 7 days respectively! Both resorts are unique and so there is no better between any of them...just personal preferences.

    CTI has more of a hotel atmosphere with the resort being more condensed and with more floors (a little more "high rise" feeling). They have more restaurant selections than CSS. Because of the layout it is usually easier to run into and meet up with people during your stay.

    CSS has more of a Mediterranean feel. There are 7 buildings that are built from beach level up onto the cliffs. It is more spread out and offers areas of tropical vegetation to explore. The one drawback is fewer restaurant choices.

    Both have good night-time entertainment and the staff at both are wonderful. It all really comes down to what you're looking for in a vacation. Both provide relaxation and romance but our personal favorite of the two is CSS. We feel that it is the more romantic of the two.

    Hope this helps and you enjoy your visit at whichever Couples Resort you choose.

    Bart & Bug

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    What I did not like about CTI is the lack of grounds, I felt it had the least to offer in that dept of any of the Couples Resorts.

    That is the thing I love most about CSS the lushness and the feel of the resort.

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    We were on here asking the exact same question two years ago. What you will find is that people are quite passionate about their favorite resort. We got great advice for both places but ended up booking a Secret Rendezvous since we could not decide. CTI was where they sent us and we absolutely loved it. Though we have not stayed at CSS, we traded for a day last year. We are slightly older than you, but we were looking for the same thing.

    It all really depends on what you are looking for. We love the setup of CTI in that it is fairly compact and you can get most anywhere quickly, but you can always find a secluded place. While some people don't like the high rise feel, the views from the rooms are superb and you are almost right on top of the water.

    The island is a blast and we have made some great friends there. Nightlife is decent too, a little more lively than CSS from what I have heard but I'm sure that is up for debate too. On a hopping night, the piano bar is too much fun. Food overall is outstanding. The staff is amazing too. To me, the place just has a great vibe.

    CSS is stunning and very romantic. Much more spread out with more steps than you can count. There are hidden gems all over the place and Sunset Beach has a great layout. We know several people who are now splitting their time between CTI and CSS. It did seem a little quieter to us.

    If there is one thing most everyone will agree on, that is you can not go wrong with either of these. Take your best stab at a choice and go enjoy! Some people fall in love with the first resort they visit and stay with it. Others go around and sample the others. They all have their own character and only you can decide which is truly the best for you.

    Good luck and have fun!!
    Gino (from Reno) and Kristie

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    Hey Gino (from Reno) and Christi. We missed seeing y'all last year. Are y'all heading down this year? How is the little Princess. She is so cute. Hope to see both of you in June.

    To respond to the original post. June 2 we will arrive at CTI for our 4th trip. We will spend 7 nights there and 6 nights at CSS. Our first time staying anywhere else. We absolutely love CTI. We have done trading places at CSS for the day and enjoyed it as well. I personally think it is all of what you make of it. The people you will meet can become life long friends. When all else fails. My opinion is to flip a coin and go with it. Couples is amazing either way. The staff at CTI crosses my mind on a daily basis. They are like family. Just be careful. Couples can definitely be an addiction.

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    We are still up in the air but hopeful. Looking outside at the snow falling has gotten me in the mood for the beach (though we do leave for Maui in a couple days). The little one is doing fantastic and is cuter than ever!

    Not to hijack this thread, but this is just one example of the amazing people you will meet!
    Gino (from Reno) and Kristie

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    We have been to both. And love both.
    It just depends on your personal preference.

    If AN is important to you, both are awesome but different.
    The Island at CTI is pretty cool, but some days you can't get there because of weather
    SSB is always open and the pool is bigger. They also have a lunch buffet there so you don't have to leave.

    If food is important, both are awesome but different.
    At CTI: 8 Rivers is very good and a bit formal (we like that). Bayside has amazing ambience and we love the asian themed food. The buffet is always fresh and good.
    At CSS: we love Cassanova. Very romantic. We like to sit out on the terrace. The Bella Vista is awesome because it is right on the beach.

    If beach is important
    A draw from my perspective.
    Neither are as big as in Negril but they are both private so there are no vendors!


    Water sports-same

    Staff, both are awesome!

    We think CSS is better here.
    We have stayed in several different blocks at CSS. All have a great view of the ocean. Some of the rooms can be a long ways from the beach, but it feels more like a resort.
    CTI feels a bit more like a hotel

    Night-time entertainment
    CTI-the piano bar is awesome for ambience. There are old pics of famous Tower Island guests from years past. The music goes for several hours in sing a long. The drinks are cold and it is usually hopping until 12 or later.
    There is also a show downstairs that is great.
    CSS- the Showtime is great. The Balloon bar has sing a longs and karaoke, there is a casino night with prizes
    We have stayed at the Beach Bar until very late. The bar doesn't close until everyone leaves. The grill opens at 1100 so there is a great time to get a late night snack.

    Honestly, neither is a huge night time party.
    It varies a lot by week and who is on the property.
    You can't go wrong
    Choose one and enjoy!

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    Hi Luckyred,
    CSS without a doubt. Why: first of all, it is a large resort that, for some reason, always makes you feel that you are the only ones there. It has lots of pathways (and stairs - but you get used to them quickly) that lead to secluded mineral pools, hot tubs, or just a couple of hammocks overlooking the ocean. Romantic - Hell yes.
    Second: everyone we spoke to who had tried the other resorts said CSS was the best of the 4 and CTI at the bottom of the list (more like a Hotel than a resort).
    Finally at CSS the people, the food, the whole place made for a vacation like we have never experienced before. We have been back for over a month and still feel like we are there. It was our first time both in Jamaica and at a Couples resort - and it was the best time we have EVER had.
    Plus - every night there was a different, incredible entertainer on the patio outside the Balloon bar.
    The ONLY negative - the beach is on the small side (compared to Negril) BUT - it is a private beach which means nobody bothering you every few minutes trying to sell you something.
    Hope this helps.
    John & Carol

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    CSS also stole our hearts.

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    Returning to CTI for 6th visit in July. We love staff & restaurant choices. The island is private, the spa amazing.

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    We will be at San Souci June 11 for 4 nights. In our mid 30's

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    I couldn't agree more with your entire post if I had written it myself.

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    Default 30+ Trips to Couples and Counting

    Quote Originally Posted by Luckyred View Post
    Hi my significant other and I are in our early 30's and are traveling to Jamaica very soon. We chose ocho rios because of all the off resort things to do. I would like to know what it is you love about Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci and what you do not like and MOSTLY...WHICH WOULD YOU RECOMMEND for a young couple looking for relaxtaion and romance but some night time fun as well??? They both seem beautiful but need some insite to decide!! Thanks
    My wife and I got married at CTI 15 years ago. We're about to make our 31st trip to a Couples resort and we have been to all four on multiple occasions. The responses about all the resorts are correct, in that you can't go wrong no matter which one you choose. That being said, we absolutely adore CTI, more than anything, because of the staff. All the resorts have great rooms, food, activities, etc., but the staff at CTI are like starting a new family. We are on a first name basis with a large portion of those at CTI. Another big plus that CTI has over the other 3 resorts is that you can get from your room, regardless of where it's located, to the restaurants, bar, gym, computer room, etc. without having to get out in bad weather. None of the other resorts offer this because they are so spread out. It makes it nice when the tropical weather rolls in unexpectedly and it's meal time. Regardless of which one you choose, they are all exceptional. You can't make a mistake!!!

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    We just got back from CSS after a week long GF loved it so much, she is already planning a return trip - and she is the type who likes to mix things up and visit different places.
    CSS - March, 2012, April, 2018
    CTI - March, 2013, 2014, 2015, October, 2016, March 2017

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