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    Default Ting in mini-bar at CSS?

    On our last visit to CSA my wife and I really enjoyed an ice cold glass bottle of Ting after returning from a day on the beach. This October we've decided to try CSS. Do the mini-bars at CSS have Ting? Do they still serve the soda in glass bottles or has plastic taken over Jamaica as well?

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    The only places we found Ting at CSS last year were the smoothie bar and occasionally the beach bar.

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    My husband and I visited CSS last year, and I am a Ting afficionado as well! Sadly, there was no Ting in the minibar.. however, I asked a favorite bartender about getting some for my room. He returned about 10 minutes later with an armload of them for me. I am not sure if this is common practice, but, if you ask someone nicely maybe they will oblige. I wrote a note two days in a row for room service to stock some in my fridge, but found out later they couldn't do it.

    Some of the bars had Ting as one of the fountain drinks, I believe. Don't quote me on that, though.. but it seems I saw one of the bartenders pouring it from the little nozzle thingy.

    I discovered here at home, we have a Jamaican restaurant that occasionally sells bottles of Ting. It's a little hard to come by back here.

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    We had Ting both times in our room at CSS. Perhaps if you just ask for it. I've found Couples is accommodating on just about anything!

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    Default Ting in the mini bar

    My husband & I went last year during Labor Day weekend for 7 days & they did have it in the room. But what set CSS from all the other couples resorts is that they have roomservice there & you can order drinks to the room. WHICH I LOVE - So if you run out just call them & they will bring it to your room up to 11:00pm. I have 6 days until we return to CSS & I can't wait. You guys are really going to enjoy it at CSS.

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    We had Ting in a glass bottle in our minibar in March. It was even on the list to request it if you wanted more!

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    Default Ting

    What is Ting?

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    I am at CSS now and I do have Ting, in a plastic bottle, in my mini bar.
    Dana and John

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    There was no Ting in the minibar when we got there. All we did was leave a note and had Ting from then on every day

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    Thanks for all the responses. It's nice to know we'll be able to have a cold Ting waiting for us after returning from the beach. Only 63 Days, 18 Hours until we arrive!

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    Just left CSS on 8/26 one ting in frig, it's a high commodity. I'm willing to pay for more ting are you?

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    Just wanted to share an amazing experience we had at CSS last year with Ting. We are Ting lovers and were disappointed when we were told that they couldn't stock Ting in our mini-bar because it was in short supply. At the repeater's dinner, we happened to get lucky and sit next to the room service manager. When we mentioned our love for Ting and our disappointment in not being able to have it in our room, he said he would take care of it for us. Sure enough, for the rest of the trip, our mini-bar was stocked with Ting. This is why WE LOVE COUPLES!!!!
    Heather and Tim

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    My fiancé and I were talking about our honeymoon to CSS the other day while at the grocery store. He mentioned his love for Ting as well, and when I turned down the "international foods" aisle, there was a skid with cases upon cases of the stuff! Needless to say, we bought a few cases(cheap, too!)just to tide us over until we get there. Can't wait!
    Kelly & Jon
    Hamilton, ON

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    We just got back from CSS last night & we did have the plastic bottles of Ting in our mini-fridge (the 20 oz size).

    You're only "allowed" one bottle of it per day (as well as a limit on the other beverages). I took a picture of the mini-fridge request form you get -- I'll post it here if I can see the text in the pic (once I upload it from my camera).


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    What is TING??? I have never heard of it and what does it taste like?

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    If you remember Squirt (not sure if they still make that), Ting tastes like that (sweet & grapefruity).


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    Quote Originally Posted by JackieMRP View Post
    If you remember Squirt (not sure if they still make that), Ting tastes like that (sweet & grapefruity).

    OMG TY Jackie. Squirt is one of my all time favorites and yes its hard to find. I live in MA and some stores carry it but very few. Its great with tanqueray (GIN) I always dring Gin and Squirt.

    Thanks for enlightening me. I can't wait till saturday to see if its in my room @ CSS.

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    Default CSS Mini Bar Request Form

    Here's a pic of the mini bar request form from CSS (hopefully the text won't be too small to read...):

    Name:  CSS.MiniBar.RequestForm_08.09.jpg
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    For couples like ourselves, who do not drink alcohol, I must admit that I am on the verge of being slightly upset with news that CSS is limiting you to one bottle of Ting per day and a limit on the other sodas as well??? If you call room service will they deliver more soda to the room?

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    Heather_and_Tim -
    Do you have a picture of the room service manager? I want to make sure I sit next to him at the Repeaters Dinner!

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    Room service won't bring bottles/cans of beverages --- just cups.

    We always wanted more than the 2 little bottles of water in our fridge, so we had to collect them ourselves from the bars.


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    Smithl1028, You live in the wrong area. I think almost all the stores in Central WI carry Squirt, even a lot of the quickmarts.

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    I wouldn't freak out too much with the "maximum" allowances. You can always order from room service or grab some from a bar, but I imagine that because of the size of the resort and having everything imported, it's far easier to track things this way. I mean, I could be way off, but I'd be far more irritated if I went to the bar and was unable to get a specific type of beverage because they'd used up the bulk of their supply by stocking the minibars.

    I guess I'd just say why fuss? In fact, instead of being irritated, why not just be thankful about the fact that soda from the minibar doesn't cost $20 as at other hotels!

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    The bottles of alcohol included are bottom of the barrel except for the local appleton rum. The Kirov vodka , highlander whiskey and ghilcrist gin are of disturbing quality. Is it possible to order different brands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knd View Post
    Heather_and_Tim -
    Do you have a picture of the room service manager? I want to make sure I sit next to him at the Repeaters Dinner!
    Ha Ha Ha Kent,
    Thats a good one.

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