I am excited to say that my wife and I just finished booking our return trip to Couples. Last year we spent our 10 year anniversary at the beautiful and amazing CSS. This time we will be spending our
12th anniversary at CSA!
I hate knowing I will have to wait 14 months before I'm back in paradise, but we thought we better go ahead and take advantage of the 2013 Ealry Escape offer. The toughest decision was trying to decide which room to book. We went back and forth between the beachfront suite or the atrium suite. We could stay 8 nights in the atrium suite for a little less than we could stay 7 nights in the BFS. So, we went for the longer stay and the atruim suite. I hope we don't regret that decision.
Anyone else out there that will be there in June 2013? Let the countdown begin!