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    Default CSA - if you have stayed in Atrium suite, can you answer one question for me please

    We're going in 2 weeks and are staying in an Atrium suite. We've heard that some of the rooms on the 2nd floor that are closer to the middle section (away from the Palms) have partial ocean views.

    When you stayed in that specific 2nd floor ocean view, did you still have some privacy? Were there still tropical plants surrounding at least part of the patio to keep the vibe?

    It never hurts to put specific requests in, right? I know that some people do not want to share the actual room number they stayed in for fear of too many people know and not getting the room when they want. I'd love love to know some specific rooms number, but if you're not comfortable with that, I understand.

    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    We stayed in an Atrium Suite April 2010, we were on the second floor and the privacy was indeed very nice, I can't say what our room number was, would be willing to but just can't remember. We were away from the Palms in the middle section but I do know we had a very limited ocean view. We had another Atrium block in front of us and another to the left. There is not a bad Atrium room at all, you will love it

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    We have stayed in 2236 twice and while it is smaller than other Atrium rooms and has a very small balcony and no hammock as do the other Atriums, it is on the first row from the beach. If you don't mind the sound of people walking/talking on the sidewalk it is an amazing room from which you can hear the waves at all times. And you are about 20 steps from the beach. Behind that room block is the one containing 2127 & 2128 which are on the first floor and have a wonderful tropical jungle feeling, the larger porch with hammock and a nice view of the water. The second floor rooms in that building are probably 2227 & 2228. The Atrium rooms are as private as you need them to be - unless you're a screamer (interpret that as you may) and are like staying in a seaside tree house. Enjoy.

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    We have LOVED our Atrium rooms with the partial ocean view. (And the sound of the waves. Sigh.) They are the BEST!! In fact, we did that three years ago in lieu of the BFS, and won't go back. We love the privacy AND the hammock. We have had both upstairs and downstairs and with both you have nice cover from foliage. While we prefer the upstairs from a vaulted ceiling and view standpoint, we feel the downstairs actually have more privacy and the convenience of walking on and off your balcony is not to be dismissed lightly.


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    We just stayed in Room 2224 last week and it was fantastic. We did have a partial ocean view and were literally steps away from the beach. Highly recommend it!!! It still felt private and we spent time on the fantastic balcony every afternoon.

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    Happy Weekend!
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    I think we stayed in 2128, but can't say for certain. Love, Love, love the Atrium rooms

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    love suite 2223 & 2224 ... 4th time for us coming up.

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