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    My fiance and I are planning to take a classroom PADI class here in the states prior to our arrival at Couples Swept Away. PADI's website states that we can bring a referral letter to the resort in order to complete our open water certification. Has anyone done this before? Do you know what the cost is? Couple's website only states the price for the entire classroom/pool class. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Are you totally uncertified and want to do open water or are you scuba certified and want to upgrade to open water?

    I will be going from scuba to open water next month for $250. My fiance is uncertified and will be getting open water certified for $340.

    Just a word of warning, so you know what you are getting yourself into....I just got scuba certified on a cruise. You will be taking tests and spending hours in instruction. You do not want to be hung over or buzzed while diving. If you don't mind being the nerd on the resort (I obviously don't), then you guys will have a wonderful time!! When will you be at CSA?

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    Thank you for the reply! We will be at CSA beginning June 14, 2013.

    I have done the classroom/pool section while in college but didn't bother to get my open-water certification. (Should have taken advantage of that while I had the chance!) It's been awhile so I will have to take the course over again. My fiance will be doing the same. Do you recall how many days this course lasts? Thanks again for your input.

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    Well, it again depends on which certification you're getting. For scuba (which only allows you to go down to 40 feet), you do 3 chapters in the PADI book, with videos, and quizzes. You do on pool dive as well, a swim test and a floating test. Then you do 2 open water dives. Now, I did all of that in 2 days when I was on a 4-night cruise. I am a very quick study though.

    For open water certification, you have to add 2 more chapters in the book (with vids and quizzes), another pool dive, and 2 more open water dives.

    I'd say you could easily do the open water certification even if you were just there for a week, but a lot of your time would be taken up studying. My advice would be to do the PADI course online and then you just need to do the physical stuff at the resort (I'm sure they review the book work though).

    How long will you be there?

    If you don't want to take up the majority of your time doing the certification, AND you plan to be somewhere that you can do this again within the next year, I would just get scuba certified and do the open water the next time.

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