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    Default 2013 Early Escapes Resort Credit Question

    Can anyone tell me if the $300 resort credit for a 2013 Early Escapes booking will be in addition to the resort credit I will have through Romance Rewards as a repeater? Will I get both?

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    Anyone? Randymon, could you clarify?

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    Yes the $300 will be in addition to what u get from your romance rewards.

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    You get both. We just did in February.

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    As far as I remember I remember you will have both.

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    Yes to both :-)

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    Yes, any resort booking credit is in addition to your rewards credit.

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    You will get both!

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    You will receive both the early booking resort credit and your romance rewards credit. We will have $500 in resort credits next week at CSS.

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    Yes - you will receive both benefits.

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