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    Default Trading Places at CTI - Must Do's?

    We will be at CSS in a couple weeks and are planning to do a Trading Places day at CTI to check it out. What are some of the "must do" things at CTI if we are there for a day?

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    If you are into it...visit the island. No place like it on earth!
    But Sunset Beach is great also.

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    The Island.

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    We will be at CSS a week from Monday and are thinking of doing the same trade too. Not totally sure if
    we will since we love being at CSS but checking out CTI might be fun for a day.

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    The Island, then some sweet potato chips and hummus from the veggie bar on the main beach. Also beef patties from the grill. Then walk into the piano bar and check out the photos. You can't get spa services, but do walk over to the spa and check out the Buddha pool. You can use this pool. There are loungers at the end of the pool so you can sit and relax with some cucumber infused water, or other flavor if you prefer. It is so relaxing. Then climb the stairs off the main lobby and enjoy the ocean views at each level. Walk over to Bayside and enjoy the view from their. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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