And then, there is a calm that occurs. It seems to draw you in while at the same time indicating that “calm” will now replace frenzy, frazzled, whipped, exhausted, anxious and on and on it goes. All those weeks and months of waiting and counting. All those sleepless nights wondering if you should bring two pairs of shorts this year. All of that will be gone.

This transition period from freaky to fabulous may be different for each traveler. The average period of “the calm”. is about two or three days. Enough time to settle your stomach. Fluff up your smile and prepare for earthly splendor.

And in it’s place, calm appears. At first you hardly notice because your head is still turning and whirling about all the things that need being taken care of before you leave.

In a little while, a matter of hours, you may find yourself sitting quietly somewhere in your home, or other living domicile. It is then that you suddenly realize, everything is done, everything. We planned, we did, we’re done.

But wait, if that is true that we really are dun, that can only mean one thing, WE’RE READY.

By now, the calm has had time to settle in, sort of. Even though you were still being frantic about duh, the calm was all around you. It brushed by your shoulder as it crossed the room. Calm was everywhere. Ohmmm. And then, you began to be aware that the calm had entered your body.

You look at your hands. They aren’t shaking anymore and their not sweaty either. You turn them over, palms up, you stare at them, your eyes wide with excitement as your brain is sending out those messages that it’s official. You are in a state of “calm“. “Please find a seat ladies and gentlemen. We will process you through this last phase, and you will then be free to begin making the transition from reality to unreal.

It had been such a long time since you and “the calm” hooked up. Waiting all these endless days and nights. The monstrous ticking of kitty clock in the kitchen. His eyes flashing back and forth.
The silence that usually follows “calm“, is, at first, deafening. Without all the background noise and static and a feeling of tranquility rolling over every inch of your body, you may be frightened, at first, when you hear bird outside, or you actually hear your partner speaking to you. Truly hearing the words they speak. You begin to weep. “It has been way to long. To long to be without “the calm”. Okay. I’m chillin cause I’m willin to just be biding my time. I got my calm on.

Vacation!! I’m coming at ya.