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    Default Any MUST try foods at CNegril if you're only there for one day?

    We're going to do the one day Romance Rewards exchange and go from CSA to Couples Negirl. Any suggestions on what we should eat or drink there that may be different?

    Is the snorkeling different there too?

    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    Don't know about the snorkeling but the jerk chicken at the beach bar was the best I've EVER had!

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    Friday night lobster tails at lychee! I don't think trading places stays late enough though.

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    I think the daytime food is good, but pretty similar at all the Couples Resorts. All will have buffet food, jerk chicken, patties, fruits, etc.... To start to see the real differences you would need to be there for dinner and Trading Places does not allow it.

    Given that, I love the Tasting Platter Appetizer and Pad Thai at Lychee... but again only at dinner.

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    Goat. Every other Thursday.

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    The fried snapper and coco bread sandwich at the beach grill!

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    Snorkeling is at the same place.

    Nude beach

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