New to the forum. Looking at alternate resort(s) for additional vacation trips each year. Our AN experience (not including local optional beaches at home) has been in Jamaica at SRC private island. And that is on the (secluded) beach itself and immediate sea only - not the bar area, etc. It is clothing optional, so you see everything from textile thru' nude. Often one half of the couple different from the other. We go nude. Interesingtly, though not publicized much, S policy on topless is actually any resort, any beach unless someone complains - no one has yet ;-)

So questions about Couples AN:

Seems that the AN areas are strictly 100% nude only?

Seems like there are other parts of some resorts that are nude OK (optional) - such as the bar at TI?

What is the topless policy in other beaches or areas?

Read plenty about no single men policy and it seems to be administered with appropriate discretion. But what about nude single women? Probably not as obvious an issue, but one would expect the policy to technically be equal opportunity?

Yes I know no one would probaly care and it has probably never been an issue, but I am curious - let's face it policies that offically allow single women but ban single men give a definite message whether intentioned or not - a bit like Hedo or sex clubs kinda thing. Not that I have anything against those activities for those who want to indulge, just trying to get the feel of the place.

BTW: All this being said, we ageed with all the others. After stripping off your textiles, you very quickly realize it's what's inside that matters, not what's outside. Nudies almost exclusively great poeple whereas Prudies are a typical mixture. We have met some of our best friends naked. Even language barriers don't matter.