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    Default Night Time Pools/Hot Tubs

    Hello all! I am wondering about hot tubs at CTI. My first time ever into Jamaica and to a Couples resort will be in November on my honeymoon. And sometimes in the evenings my fiance (then husband) would like to go for a swim or sit in the hot tub after a long day of whatever

    I may have seen this answer on the MB before and I am sorry if there is already a thread about this. But I am wondering what time, if at all, that the pools or hot tubs "close"? Or are we able to use them anytime? ( of course as long as we are respectful of our volume...I don't mean to get a loud game of water volleyball going at 1 a.m. just a relaxing dip.)

    Thanks for any thoughts!!

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    Never had a problem with pools/hot tubs being closed. I would say go for a walk to the spa at night and use the hot tubs out there. Its sometimes a popular spot but there is one on the women's and one on the men's side by the budda pool (and no, during the night time it doesn't matter if your a guy in the woman's hot tub or vice versa. Have a great time!

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    If it's like CSA, you can use them anytime as long as they aren't cleaning it.

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    That sounds great, and makes me very excited. It's also nice to know the rules as far as men's and women's sides not pertaining to the evening hours.

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    Just a reminder - - In case anyone was thinking this...

    Nudity in the CTI hot tubs or Buddha pool will not be tolerated. Sorry...

    Couples Resorts

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    Oh, definitely not what my question was getting at. I don't care if there are tons of other people there. I just was wondering about the hours of the pools and hot tubs. Didn't mean for the question to come out wrong...

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Just a reminder - - In case anyone was thinking this...

    Nudity in the CTI hot tubs or Buddha pool will not be tolerated. Sorry...

    Wow...did not know they were so tight on the rules in the rooms....HA!
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    I think we might also be on our honeymoon the same time as you at CTI!

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    Britnee- I think we are going to be on our honeymoons the same time at the same resort!

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    Oh my gosh, really?!?!? That's so exciting!! Sorry - I haven't been on the MB in a few days, so I haven't seen your message yet! We will be at CTI from November 19-28. We were originally only going for 7 8 days, but extended to 10 on a whim as we figure it might be the only vacation we get for a long time! We are getting married at a dinner theater in MN on November 17.

    What's your story - ktsann??


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