Don't hate us for being S regulars... :-) We will never give up our choice of S for our annual winter vacation trip for all the same reasons most of you are loyal Couples guest (friends being one of them!). In hoping to start making more trips each year we are looking for alternatives and something different for the extra trips - plus lower a price point. Generally speaking you get what you pay for and we are well aware that some of the S "extras" are things that some would not notice or care about (Staff to guest ratios, that custom crystalized sugar creation garnishing your dessert.... etc.) But my observations so far indicate that Couples is excellent quality and value. Obviously pricing depends on how you manage cost and for our additional trips I am not sure we need those other things either. This forum seems very active and that is a good indication. So I don't want to start a S-v-C debate or comparision - please!! My intention is to learn and get a good realistic understanding of Couples and why you are all obviously so loyal.

Also note that we do enjoy the au naturel and spend a lot of our time when at the SCR Mo''Bay resort at the small optional beach on their private island. (Their only textile optional area in Jamaica.) So Couples has some definite attraction for us. We would love to learn more about that aspect also.

We have special friends we meet every year like most of you and they are also looking for additional alternative as we are, so I will share what we find out with them too and maybe we will end up visiting Couples at the same time.

I thought I ought to at least contribute something of value also - so see the post I am about to write in the Club MoBay thread.