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    Default Loveaway Plan & Insurance

    We are thinking of doing the Loveaway Plan for our next vacation, and would like to know when do we purchase the insurance? Now when we book a package we are able to add it when making our final payment.

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    I believe you have to do it when you actually place the booking. Why wait anyway? Personally I would rather know that I have it in case something happens. You just never know until you are on that plane and taking off that there is nothing to get in your way.

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    I believe the insurance has to be purchased through the resort in the first 7 days from booking and making your deposit. That allows you to cancel for any reason up to a day before departure. It is not available after you make your final payment.
    On the couples site go to "The Talk" tab and click on the dropdown "FAQ" link. Near the bottom of the page is a link for the travel and medical insurance to get all the details.
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    I'm pretty sure if you want insurance with Couples it must be paid at time of booking.
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    I would also suggest checking FunJet Vacations. You can purchase Cancel for Any Reason insurance there too, but unlike the policy through Couples it includes your airfare as well and the refund is given in the form you paid. We had to do it once and everything was refunded back to our credit card (minus the cost of the insurance).

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    I actually have been looking into all of the different insurance policies this morning. I even call and spoke to Garfield at Couples 800 #.

    For the COUPLES insurance there are 2 different parts. The Cancel for any reason portion is supplied by Couples. To get this portion you MUST purchase within 7 days of initial payment. This portions simply means you can cancel for any reason at all. Even if you stub your toe and decide you do not want to go. The only stipulation with this is once you get beyond the 45 day cancellation penalty phase. Any penalty imposed will be given back to you in the form of travel vouchers. These vouchers will have an expiration of 1 year from the time of issue.

    You can purchase the policy at any time BEFORE you make the FINAL payment. If you wait you lose the Cancel for any reason plus you will have a look back period for pre-existing medical conditions.

    Now the SECOND part of Couples Insurance is issued by Trip Mate. If you NEED to cancel for a COVERED reason like an illness, death or any other COVERED reason you will be issued a FULL refund minus the cost of the policy in the form of payment made.

    Why I will go with Couples Insurance vs FunJet.

    Couples has a higher Emergency Medical Evacuation limit @ 50,000 vs Funjet @25,000.00

    Couples has a price guarantee with NO penalty. With Funjet they guarantee a price on a one time basis BUT once you USE the one time price guarantee you MUST repurchase the INSURANCE but they will let you repurchase the insurance at 1/2 the cost. HMMM....seems to me that will negate some of the price match.

    Yes FunJet does cover air fare. BUT if we are purchasing farther out then 360 days we cannot purchase air anyway. I really do not like this with the early booking rates coming out so early.

    Another thing I like about Couples insurance is they allowed us to book an additional 5 days at another Couples before our original booking and COVERED us with the original policy! We lost no benefits at all! Funjet will not allow this as I checked last night.....since we will probably add an other few nights next year.

    Hope this helps some.

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